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I'm fairly sure they only work on the faster model iPhones and iPods. I could never get one to load on my 3G, but they load everywhere on my 4.
What PC users don't understand is that it's not about having every feature under the sun, it's about having very well perfected features. Apple has refined their operating system and took out all the crap that isn't really good. What we're left with is an OS that is overall more efficient and easier to use. An all-you-can-eat buffet has everything under the sun. You can eat just about whatever you want. However, the food isn't great. If I want a good steak, I wouldn't go...
Don't you think Apple is smart enough not to make things up? The news would jump on that in a heartbeat and roast them. If you spent 10 minutes fact checking, you'd realize they were right. Stop being so freaking paranoid.
DaHarder 'says' all manner of things... One learns to discern what's most likely rubbish - Like This!
I'm guessing you don't actually own a bumper. They're a combination of plastic, rubber, and metal. It's not a simple thing to make.
This is exactly why they told their employees not to give them out. Once one guy gets one, everyone will demand one.
The new iPhone OS 3.0 has been leaked. http://digg.com/apple/iPhone_OS_3_0_Leaked Andrew
That is one nice looking laptop. I hope that is the real thing.
Adding an FM player could lead to you buying less music on iTunes. I think thats why they wont do it.
The Apple TV has been one of Apple's less successful products. But there is a lot of potential here, if they do it right. Do you think we will see a totally revamped Apple TV at the Sept 9th event? What new features would you like to see with this product?
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