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To be very fair, it is alot easier to develop for iOS first and then Android.   1. There is alot less testing needed because you don't have thousands of device with different specs, versions of OS etc. 2. You don't need to cater to the lowest common denominator. 3. iOS users are more willing to pay for an app/game.   It just takes less work to launch it on iOS,  judge the success and then decide if it is worth it to develop it for Android.
It is simple, they tried to profit off it and Apple stopped them.
 Porsche maybe the exception. They have a department whose sole purpose is to maintain and update old Porsches. In fact they have recently released a new in dash navigation/entertainment system that is compatible all the way back to the original 911.
If you have been to China you will realize that 90% of local retailers are cash only. Even if they do accept credit card payment, it is UnionPay and they have maybe one counter per floor or even one counter per mall that is able to process credit cards. China also has their own payment systems in place that make it very easy to transfer money from one individual to another.
 I was unclear in my initial post. I meant to differentiate between preorders to be delivered and in store pickups.
 The Rolex IS a relic! Having said that, my dad left me a Rolex Explorer 2, the watch is now about 27 years old. It is still working today without any servicing. I hope to leave it to one of my kids. Having said that, I ordered the Apple Watch and my biggest fear is that it becomes indispensable and I won't want to wear the Rolex anymore and none of my kids will want it except to sell it.
 They sold out, any cancellations because of "double ordering" will be taken up in a blink.
A few things to note:   1. Apple is not going to start selling something they have been pushing as hard as the Apple Watch unless they have a significant amount of inventory to make it noteworthy. They will just be shooting themselves in the foot otherwise.   2. Tim Cook is king of the supply chain and he has planned for a significant number of Apple Watches to go on sale in all the launch countries.   3. China maybe a bigger market than the US when it comes to new...
The last few iPhones had "yield issues" too and yet they launched with record breaking numbers, each time greater than the previous one. Something that no Other company is capable of doing. If that is with "yield issues", what will it be like with no issues?
If these analysts were any good why are they still working for someone else? They should be out running their own fund and making their own money. A blindfolded man throwing a dart backwards at a dartboard is going to have a higher hit rate.
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