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1 million more of the top of the line iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Last year, the number included the iPhone 5C.
Android seems to have a huge market share because even toasters are running Android.The real market share for mobile phones is a lot less. Just look at the device usage data from marketing firms and the number seems to be an even split.
Gene Munster... queue circus clown music please.
I like the iPad Pro rumor and then how the analyst mourned when the rumored product was rumored to have been canceled. A rumor of a rumor must be true!
So someone breaks into my house, violates me and steals my possessions and when he is caught, he gets to tell me how much my stuff is worth?
I really don't understand why the analysts keep pushing for an "Apple TV" when Apple can just give away a hockey puck sized device and make almost every single television an "Apple TV".
The ipad will replace the existing entertainment/nav/climate control/etc controls and buttons that is normally in the center console. It will save the manufacturer a ton of money.
I am not sure why the car manufacturers just won't stick an iPad in the car. It should quite easily replace the existing entertainment system, climate control, navigation system etc.
Icahn is not wrong and his request is not unreasonable. Unfortunately he does not have Apple's long term interest at heart.
To do a bigger stock buy back, Apple needs to go into debt to finance it because it does not really have access to the 150 billion dollars in cash every one keeps talking about. Every one keeps talking about how much money Apple has but they are leaving out the most important point. Most of the money is not in the US. To bring it back will incur huge losses because of taxes. What happens when the economy turns ugly and Apple is in debt with no quick access to cash...
New Posts  All Forums: