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Speed, images captured per second are just specs and numbers. What about the image quality? I mean, yay! App xyz can capture 100 frames a second! But the images all suck. Anyway, we will probably never know why Apple bought SnappyLabs over another. Could actually be because it is a one man shop with only one app. They therefore don't need to pay more for extra baggage they don't need.
Most are assuming Apple bought SnappyCam for SnappyCam, what if it is the next thing that John Papandriopoulos was working on? Some one as brilliant as he is, will most likely have started work on something else right after he finished SnappyCam.
"Supply shortage" or "Overwhelming demand"?
Oh wait, was it not reported by analysts that Apple cut orders for the 5C because it was not selling well. Now they are reporting that Apple is adding suppliers to meet demand? I always assumed most people know the saying, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." Apparently some have not.
All the analysts seems to have taken a stupid pill when it comes to Apple.   First of all, Apple does not need a cheap iPhone. Why? Because every year when they release a new one, they still sell the last 2 models. What is going to be the difference between an iPhone 4 and a cheaper iPhone?   Second, the iPhone 5C is pretty much an updated iPhone 5. Better 4G antenna with world support, cheaper to manufacture etc. But fundamentally it is an iPhone 5. It is never going...
Apple has quite a few launches lined up until the end of the year... 1. Mavericks 2. Mac Pro 3. Haswell Macbook Pro Retina (possibly early 2014?) 4. iPad 5. iPad Mini No iWatch and iTV until next year I think.
 I think 9 million sold over 3 days is an amazing number, but the point some are trying to make here is that they did not sell more than last year because they are selling in more countries. It is a matter of perception. If you removed the new tier 1 release countries like China from the equation, how many iPhones will Apple have sold? That is the true number if you want to compare it with last year. Some are seeing it as buffing up the number by launching in more...
I am sorry this article is highly misleading.   Hong Kong has been accepting preorders for a few days now because like China, they need to combat the scalpers and resellers. They have a balloting system in place.   Singapore has been accepting preorders with the local telcos since yesterday and collection will start in a few hours. Traditionally, the official Apple store does not get a whole lot of stock until about a month later.   If the last iPhone launch is...
I think it goes way beyond integrating an iOS device into a car. I am thinking some manufacturers will completely replace their in car navigation/entertainment systems and even climate control with an iOS device. The amount they will save will be tremendous. No more proprietary software, interfaces, connectors, screens, buttons and knobs and steering wheel controls. Just an iOS device with an app. One standard physical interface (lightning) for every vehicle. As it is,...
And yet it is so much more sluggish than the HTC One. Go figure. It is speculated that they use very cheap and slow flash memory.   Anyway, shipped does not mean sold. Every where I go, I see the S4 in stock and sitting on shelves. Compared to the iPhone 5 that was sold out for months.
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