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[/QUOTE]That's a far cry from the people who were insisting that if Apple did a dividend that the share price would jump by 15% or so.[/QUOTE] The market is often delayed by a day or two, the analysts, investment consultants and others need a day to digest what is going on, they then advice their funds/investors etc on what they think and they in turn take another day to make a move. Believe or not, this forum is at the front lines.
I wonder if investors can sue. He has caused damage to Apple's reputation and most definitely the stock price by telling his lies.
I always believe that if an analyst is really good, he will be managing his own fund like Warren Buffett and be worth billions. The fact they are still writing for the masses and playing with their simulated portfolios says a lot.
Funny but true story about bullying. A friend's company was being sued by a much smaller company that is in dire need of the money. He wrote a check during a meeting with the other company and said look here, this is the amount of money you want from me, I am going to put this in the bank and with the interest, I am going to hire lawyers to fight you till the end of time. I can go on indefinitely because I am using the interest from money that I will otherwise be...
Let's not forget that Android developers have to develop for the lowest denominator if they want the whole Android market. Meaning not taking advantage of new Android features or hardware features and only coding to suit the oldest Android handsets out there.
Releasing the iPhone 5 later will give them more time to sell the white iPhone 4. Furthermore, the current iPhone design works, why reinvent the wheels? I personally think the following will be introduced with the iPhone 5: 1. Faster CPU/GPU 2. Better camera 3. Gsm and Verizon in one device 4. 64GB version 5. New version of iOS with new functionality
Any decent developer will test against at least all current models. Meaning the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac and Mac Mini. That is only 6. If you are really careful, you test 9, including the 2 Airs and 3 MBPs. Double that for 2 OS versions. That is a very small number compared to Android.
My complaint has never been about having to code for different devices, it is the testing that is a problem. The sheer number of devices to test makes it a huge task.Think about it another way, if I create a website I test it against the major browser engines on the market to make sure it displays correctly. IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Now imagine if all of a sudden instead of just 5, there are 100 different browser engines. My development time stays the same...
If I assume that my app will work on all Android devices without testing, I am a bad developer. Assumption is the mother of all f***ups. Even on iOS, even though iOS supports multiple languages natively, some messaging apps have problems with non alphanumeric languages, the selection of Chinese characters don't show up because the text box is too short. All these can be prevented with proper testing. My point remains the same, I can code, test against the reference handset...
You just made my point. Ideally an app written for 1 Android should work on all other Android devices. There should not be a need to have different versions or decide to write off entire segments of the market.The fact that developers are doing this means that there is fragmentation. Yes, even the difference in performance between an iPad and iPad 2 is considered fragmentation, right now we have apps that include high resolution graphics for the iPad 2, Infinity Blade and...
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