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http://www.beergame.org/ Outsiders who have no clue, reporting for the sake of reporting will only look like idiots...
Line is by Naver, South Korea's equivalent of Google. It is HUGE and while I don't doubt Google can afford it, it will cost alot. Kinda like Apple buying Samsung.On another note, different countries have their own popular chat app. Line is very popular in Japan even though it is done by a Korean company. In Korea, Kakao Talk is very popular. In China, WeChat is the popular one.
Sometimes I wonder if these analysts even think. The only reason Apple updated the iPad twice last year is because they wanted everything to be on the Lightning connector. There is no reason to update it again so soon when they have not even released it globally to all the different countries. There really needs to be a system in place to penalize analysts for talking out of their rear ends. Having said that, I am sure there will be an update to the iPad and iPad Mini...
Apple already has a cheaper iPhone or iPhones. It is the iPhone 4 and 4S. They still compete pretty well with most of the smartphones out there and to be honest, if I am on a budget I really won't complain that my phone does not have the latest and best.
How is this different from the battery packs from Mophie that has USB ports?
Put it another way, the 4th gen iPad is the real iPad Apple wanted to released this year but they had to rush the 3rd gen aka the new iPad out earlier in the year because they were facing competition and to delay the launch by 6 months would have been a disaster. So they released the 3rd gen iPad with a temporary LTE solution that only worked in the US and a few other countries.   As mentioned previously in this thread, the new release is not about the new lightning...
If I sent an email that says give me a better offer by the end of the day for a multi million dollar deal and I don't get a reply, I am moving down the list to the next offer. That's how it is.You are assuming there is only one person of his caliber interning at Apple. There are probably dozens and most of them probably want to stay on at Apple with Apple only offering a few slots.
Yes.I am not sure how it is every where but in some large corporations where million dollar deals are handled via email, it's very important to check your email and respond accordingly.It is this very culture that made push email so important and in the past RIM so successful.
A missed email or communique means everything. It shows the mindset and the lack of respect for the organization. If I send out a job offer to someone and he or she does not reply, I am not sending out another. Same with a job application, if I send one in and I don't hear back from them, I assume they are not interested in hiring me.
Wu, Munster and Piecyk, the three stooges.
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