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You listed a handful of devices from a few manufacturers. There are tons more. Also we develop for the international market and not just the US, that means the number of devices goes up again.Edit.In case anyone is interested, here is a list of Android devices, there are hundreds and possibly thousands if you include different Android versions and I am pretty sure the list is not complete.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compari...ndroid_devices
My company gave up Android development long ago. Right from the start, we realized that we needed a development team many times the size of the iOS team and not meaning to generalize but from experience, iOS users are more willing to pay. For iOS, the hard part is writing an app that Apple will approve. But if you follow the rules and guidelines, your testing team can be very small since you are only testing against, the iPhone, iPad and iPhone. Lets say 3 generations...
And Apple stock price is now close to or at a new historical high...
Heh, I think they should be more concerned about the Nintendo Wii and Sony Move rather than the iPad. As mentioned multiple times, the Kinect cannot be compared against the iPad no matter how you look at it.
I think the article is a little vague, it says that they can only make 3 or 4 an hour, but how many are they normally able to produce if there are no problems? Also this is per machine, how many machines do they have doing this?
The other phone companies HOPE that they will have problems like this because it will mean that they are selling millions of 1 phone model in a few weeks.
Not an expert, just my 2 cents worth. The problem is real, but it is not as simple as bridging the 2 points. It is a matter of covering a certain part of the antenna and somehow "blocking" the signal. Many people have latched on to this point and said that maybe Apple should have left the antenna inside the phone but putting it inside the phone would have made the initial signal weaker to begin with, probably not much different from covering it with the "grip of...
I maybe wrong but I doubt Apple will go with another provider in the US unless they all move towards a common network infrastructure in the future. There are a few reasons for this: 1. For Apple to sell through another provider, they will need a different phone since current iPhones are not CDMA compatible, even with T Mobile, compatibility is not 100%. This will mean that they will need to develop another phone for one or two countries. 2. Logistically, it will complicate...
It is normally a good thing when an analyst updates his estimates when new information becomes available. But flip flopping between 2 extremes and sometimes in the period of less than a day is ridiculous. Analysts are supposed to study the market then make an educated guess and not shoot their mouth off every chance they get with inaccurate estimates that they constantly change.
The problem is not his accuracy but the frequency. Talking for the sake of talking just to generate news. In most cases, analysts are rated not by their accuracy because they can always phrase their estimates to cover their asses but by how often they are quoted, by constantly changing their estimates by wide margins, they artificially generate extra quotes and because there are so many estimates made, it is easy to fall back on an earlier estimate and say, I got it right.
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