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Still no mid-level, prosumer desktop/tower thingy. :( 
Agreed. iPhoto always beachballs for me. Sometimes as much as 15 minutes. I have quad core i7, too. Not some older device.
Where is Fran441?
You're right. It's past the point of no return. 
I'm not really an iOS user. I'm a Mac user. I think iOS should be its own company.
Scratch that... 47 now! How'd that happen? Seems like only yesterday! :) Did everyone else age 11 years? Or am I the only one? ha ha
Any apps or way that a pdf can be converted to a vertical scrolling (seeing text from top to bottom but video appearing to go from bottom to top of screen)?
I told my financial planner the day Steve Jobs came back to Apple to WATCH THEM explode up. Good call a decade earlier.
I just listened to a variety of audio clips from Occupy sites. I am not juding any of them, and this is TWO HOURS long, but it's worth a listen. Includes Michael Moore, Ron Paul, and Alex Jones. The clips fall into line with the original poster's initial topic. http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/r...08?i=101825674
New Posts  All Forums: