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I am a big MobileMe fan and look forward to Apple making big strides in its value to consumers.
Time warp? This video is from a year ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxUQ17CvRRs
What format? 1) Just read the AI reports, record them, podcast them 2) Panel discussion amongst AI staff/contributors 3) Panel with listener feedback/call-in 4) Video streaming, full interactive media. Like live.twit.tv Still podcasted after session I would say start at top, and grow/progress/mature into the lower as listenership and perhaps sponsorship grows.
Fairly early iPad rumor, too.
Ha ha! I predicted/named iPad (to manage Mac servers, too!) in 2002!
Bring on the 6-core!
Live everyday to find new ways to love others. Don't expect it to be easy. No other reason(s) needed.
They should introduce a "Read to you (grand)children" app for audiobook content. Buy a book, and be able to dub over it in YOUR voice. (small books like for kids) and then you can give it to your children/grandchildren. It will display the pages/text, and like a LeapFrog or something, it will also have the ability to have your voice dubbed in. Add a built-in camera and slit-screen with a recording of "Grandpa" or "Great Great Great Grandpa" reading me the story. It would...
Did KimKapSol eventually switch to making metals from making plastics? Anyone remember ol' KKS?
Thanks. I almost did not live to see 2009 let alone 2010. Hope everyone does well in 2010.
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