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Congratulations on your heterosexual endeavor!
I pronounce it Dime-WIRE. Just like Steve Jobs.
Well, anyway, a PT GT will go faster than many other cars out there. Plus, there are plenty of mods to get it towards 300 hp or more maybe by now.
Thank you to whomever bumped this. Now, I must go bump wife repeatedly. WOOOOHOOOOO!
It's got price. Unless you count the thousands of dollars they rebate the 300M every year to sell them.
You kidding me? Have you driven the GT? If not, do yourself a favor and put a smile on your face ...TOMORROW! Damn fun.
I hope he does not run. Who wants to inherit the mess? Unless he runs on a ballot of secession. I always prat that CA and NY could remove themselves from the states.
Join the discussion here... http://www.allpar.com/forums/index.php?act=SF&f=17 I talk about cars everyday there. Just like Macs here.
We should have first right to that, right? http://www.time.com/time/magazine/ar...471161,00.html
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