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No woods in my neck of the woods, English professor.
Having been on vacation and getting my first real/recent taste of modern day cable TV, I'd say that it's just full of crap/trash/unethical influence anyway. I certainly will not fund that crap ever. Once they allow people to sign up for channels or individual content, without giving your money to trash content, I might be interested.
Minivans are great. Got two.
I am proudly born raised in the USA.
Hey, HOT CHICKS are real, but until they start to alter MY REALITY...WHO GIVES A DAMN!?
who cares
They should have stamped out little apple logos instead of just circles, you know. http://www.rttm.de/G5/source/dsc00385.html
I'm more impressed with Nick's track record on stuff.
My children bring meaning to my life...of course.
Everytime you have a KK (krispey kreme) post here. I just had a chocolate iced/creme filled AND a cholc iced/custard filled. 10 more left for breakfast tomorrow.
New Posts  All Forums: