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Absolutely NOT. No one thinks of cars as investments. Financial Advisors especially. They are just trying to get you to waste LESS money, essentially. For me, I like buying and owning a NEW car because I know it's complete history. I don't smoke and other such things and with my old 89 Shelby, I never even let anyone eat/drink, lean in or on it. I was very stingy with it. Now, with 3 young kids, I can't be so picky. The biggest advantage in my mind buying new is some of...
Our financial consultant ALWAYS says to buy a used car. I don't usually do that, but it IS sage advice.
The only way it could be a french vs usa thing other than fans who have nothing to do with it but watch it on tv, is if europe even mattered in all of this.
No woods in my neck of the woods, English professor.
Having been on vacation and getting my first real/recent taste of modern day cable TV, I'd say that it's just full of crap/trash/unethical influence anyway. I certainly will not fund that crap ever. Once they allow people to sign up for channels or individual content, without giving your money to trash content, I might be interested.
Minivans are great. Got two.
I am proudly born raised in the USA.
Hey, HOT CHICKS are real, but until they start to alter MY REALITY...WHO GIVES A DAMN!?
who cares
They should have stamped out little apple logos instead of just circles, you know. http://www.rttm.de/G5/source/dsc00385.html
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