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I'm more impressed with Nick's track record on stuff.
My children bring meaning to my life...of course.
Everytime you have a KK (krispey kreme) post here. I just had a chocolate iced/creme filled AND a cholc iced/custard filled. 10 more left for breakfast tomorrow.
Then why not indulge this OLDEST REGISTRATION POSTER and make a "WOW - ROLL CALL" thread? You know, websites are created to SEEK and ATTRACT visitors and contributors and if if would take you ALL OF FIVE MINUTES to create a WOW thread then I can't see a downside to this. Perhaps that student loan consolidation advertiser would find valuable for more people to read the ad? (It's worthless, though, because there's no stopping the Sallie Mae juggernaut) Proposed thread titles...
THanks K76/77 for the SHOUT OUT during this ROLL CALL thread!!!!!! Let's make this a damned LOOOOOOONG thread for ONE DAY! More SHOUT OUTS needed.
(I have been unable to post!) Anyway, I think this thread should be a sort of ROLL CALL. Every registered user should at least post here, even if just to say WOW! I've got tons of money just waiting to buy a new Mac! Thank heavens that we won't have Moto as an anchor around our neck any longer. This is REVOLUTIONARY! JRC - oldest known AI forum registrant.
I thought Bert and Ernie were from TAR1?
G.T. South's in Indianapolis has the best pulled-pork sandwiches. And very inexpensive, too. When i lived in Chicago, many places serving the Vienna Beef hot dogs were my favorite. But, I am on the hunt for the best (pork) tenderloin sandwiches. It's an Indiana thing, to look for better ones. When in college, I also liked some female-companionship-sandwiches...bone in, and buttered buns.
Why don't they put gyros at the bottom/end of rescue tethers that are dangled from helicopters? You know, the kind that have basket cots or a strap so that they can pull you up to safety? They always seem to lash about so.
New Posts  All Forums: