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Phil's pitiful hosting contribution, of course!
I believe this UNconditionally. Don't you, Kormac76? (77?) I've got my big fat child tax credit(s) return waiting for TWO of them!!!
We love T.A.R.s. Except for one aspect of it which is so ridiculous.
I hate making eye contact.
I know a lot of people that laugh at that day. (Just KIDDING!)
There's nothing I despise more than discussion police. I'm amazed that anyone has so little time than to say what belongs in what forum, how many times it's there, whether or not to lock stuff. That all is such who-gives-a-flying-F*** type of stuff. And, oh by the way, I've been here longer than all of you... neener neener. And I will NEVER tell anyone to shut up, post in a different spot, or anything. How long have/will (all of) you be(en) here?
Impeach Bush? What a joke.
Good the hear.
Big ass breakfasts are God's blessing.
The best thing to learn in dating is respect for another person you choose to bring into your life. Being married has a lot to do about sacrifice and giving of your selfish wants and desires to the better good of the marriage and family. Of course, having good, decent fun is always the best thing to do in pre-marriage relationships. Do those things that you will be proud of when you are a parent, grandparent. Get to know his/her family and help them out in...
New Posts  All Forums: