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My employer is increasing Indian contracting. That's why I LIKE the tension and possible resulting war over there. More jobs for Americans.
I responsible for a corporate 500's software license compliance. I do not think file sharing is inherently illegal. Just like I do not think guns are. But, in the wrong hands, both are tools that allow criminals to manipulate events into crimes more readily. Although, I don't believe file sharing has much claim to being an effective self-defense tool.
Be careful. I just found out that DVT, which David Bloom died from, is more likely once you have had a cather procedure like you describe. That interests me because I had one recently, as well. Plus, my retinalogist (sp?) said that those angiograms can kill you. Scared me to death.
I got a free iMac DV SE from CompuUSA once. HDTVs are not worth their price. That's a lot of money to invest in sitting on your ass.
How is Tiger behind the wheel of a car? (not Buick)
Our number one seller's remorse was our 92 Jeep Cherokee (pretty much base). I wish they still made them. My wife really regrets getting rid of it. It was a very versatile small SUV. And power to spare. Tough as nails. Only had one problem toward the end, after driving it 100,000 miles in 8 or 9 years. The ball bearings on a pulley siezed up and caused it overheat, which required replacing the radiator. Not really that bad of deal for that many years, IMO. But, I dare say...
And in my days it was always a big fat pleasure to knock the king of the hill on his fat ass.
Honda element base chrysler/dodge minivan (which I have and like)
Depends on your definition of TV and of definition of GOOD. My take is TV is over-air broadcast and/or the big 3 or 4 nets. I have two defs of GOOD. 1.) Well done shows. 2.) Highly moral, family shows either way, I like 1.) Fox - 24 2.) Amazing Race (in-between seasons at the moment) 3.) Ask this old house
Kormac should be posting a reply anytime now. This is his break his wife gives him to play on the net.
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