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Good the hear.
Big ass breakfasts are God's blessing.
The best thing to learn in dating is respect for another person you choose to bring into your life. Being married has a lot to do about sacrifice and giving of your selfish wants and desires to the better good of the marriage and family. Of course, having good, decent fun is always the best thing to do in pre-marriage relationships. Do those things that you will be proud of when you are a parent, grandparent. Get to know his/her family and help them out in...
My employer is increasing Indian contracting. That's why I LIKE the tension and possible resulting war over there. More jobs for Americans.
I responsible for a corporate 500's software license compliance. I do not think file sharing is inherently illegal. Just like I do not think guns are. But, in the wrong hands, both are tools that allow criminals to manipulate events into crimes more readily. Although, I don't believe file sharing has much claim to being an effective self-defense tool.
Be careful. I just found out that DVT, which David Bloom died from, is more likely once you have had a cather procedure like you describe. That interests me because I had one recently, as well. Plus, my retinalogist (sp?) said that those angiograms can kill you. Scared me to death.
I got a free iMac DV SE from CompuUSA once. HDTVs are not worth their price. That's a lot of money to invest in sitting on your ass.
How is Tiger behind the wheel of a car? (not Buick)
Our number one seller's remorse was our 92 Jeep Cherokee (pretty much base). I wish they still made them. My wife really regrets getting rid of it. It was a very versatile small SUV. And power to spare. Tough as nails. Only had one problem toward the end, after driving it 100,000 miles in 8 or 9 years. The ball bearings on a pulley siezed up and caused it overheat, which required replacing the radiator. Not really that bad of deal for that many years, IMO. But, I dare say...
And in my days it was always a big fat pleasure to knock the king of the hill on his fat ass.
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