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Honda element base chrysler/dodge minivan (which I have and like)
Depends on your definition of TV and of definition of GOOD. My take is TV is over-air broadcast and/or the big 3 or 4 nets. I have two defs of GOOD. 1.) Well done shows. 2.) Highly moral, family shows either way, I like 1.) Fox - 24 2.) Amazing Race (in-between seasons at the moment) 3.) Ask this old house
Kormac should be posting a reply anytime now. This is his break his wife gives him to play on the net.
I agree that helicopters and V22s crash way too often. But, being that we're the only brave souls that stand up to tyrants, I guess it'll have to do. My dad's ship, CV-7 had a design flaw in the way air was in the fuel tanks. When the torpedo hit it, it went up like a roman candle some 60 years ago. But, they improved the design and I'm sure they will on helicopters and the like, as well. Just think if Saddam had given up, how many fewer lives, dollars and worthless...
I think it's amazing how many guilty people get let go to commit crimes again. Now that's a stupid system.
I make my wife get on top. But it still requires labored breathing, so I'm not THAT lazy.
Are you a lawyer? Do you understand statutory rape definition? And, do you have underage children?
Curious you mention blueberries...I think they reduce colon cancer probability.
I agree.
Mac is the reason I got interested in Tennis. Perhaps I'll go back. That's great news.
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