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I didn't see my option...nuke everybody.
Well, I can closer speak Polish than German. So, sure that makes sense to me. It's not like the Germans have a good track record on dependability
I believe that I am well within my latitude to at least state that as one point of reference I believe him and I have been here the longest. I am not arguing. I could not care less how many other people agree or disagree even though everyone ELSE has been here less time than I have. I also am not open to arguments to the contrary. Never have been. As for private messages, I do not use that technological option. I am ONLY replying to this post because you asked me, in a...
That's false. I've been here the longest and I believe him. He's the ONE guy I do believe. He's just had the misfortune of trying to second guess Steve Jobs' timing.
Kormac: I sure hope your predictions are right. I've been waiting for this product (these) with baited breath. That's the one and only reason I have hope that you are more than a fool or liar. And, I believe that you are (as I've stated before) a person with enough inside info to "connect the dots".. As a matter of fact, I'm beginning to connect the dots myself and wonder if you are in fact substantially behind the MacWhispers site. If so, you've expanded your circle of...
This is 2 years older than mine was. Here's a 73, but I had a 75 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442. http://www.musclecarclub.com/musclec...-442-1973a.jpg
That guy gets a lot of press photos! (The bearded man up there) I saw two photos of him before. One carrying a little girl with her right foot blown off. The other a little girl who was not so badly injured. He must be a camera hog/ham/clown, is all I can think of. Have there been any NEW photos of BERT (sesame street) showing up anywhere? (Like the afghan pic)
I ate pizza for 31 days straight, once. (Old pizza definition, not NEW one where so many diff things are called pizza)
NOW I believe this IS Kormac. He is within proper posting time guidelines. Though, his English is better. And, we all know/knew it was always better than lead to believe. I'm sure his job is more tenuous with the Korean peninsula being a little more on edge lately.
It's my only hook to hang my hat on! You gotta give me credit for consistency!
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