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Is November 98 (earliest or OLDEST of the OLD SCHOOL) good enough for you? Sure, I only had 2 posts my first year. But hey, still here the longest baby!
My math was off. I should have said 13 hours. You normally post(ed) around 5 to 6 am-ish, if I'm not mistaken. I always enjoyed your post.
Kormac 76 77... YOu did not post at your normal time. Usually, much earlier. You're about 11 hours off time. What gives?
You're wrong
My boss knows the pilot's wife's family
I've done neither (NCAA / War) I just got back from convicting a man of two felonies. (Jury Duty)
Set up a Paypal account to take donations. One person (trustworthy) will hold it and distribute the payment(s)
The only rumor site that's just a forum.
Please tell me one of you is making plastics right now.
Living Human in Fetal form
New Posts  All Forums: