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You're wrong
My boss knows the pilot's wife's family
I've done neither (NCAA / War) I just got back from convicting a man of two felonies. (Jury Duty)
Set up a Paypal account to take donations. One person (trustworthy) will hold it and distribute the payment(s)
The only rumor site that's just a forum.
Please tell me one of you is making plastics right now.
Living Human in Fetal form
Getting $6,300 and change back.
[quote]Originally posted by Vargas: OK, here are the categories. Favourite poster Best looking poster Most intelligent poster Funniest poster Most helpful poster Strangest poster Poster you'd most like to marry/have a sordid affair with Most argumentative/opinionated poster Favourite moderator Favourite administrator Votes should be sent to me via PM or email. I'll count up votes and post the final results here in one week. Get...
[quote]Originally posted by RodUK: Perhaps this should have gone in the Where You From thread, but I've probably left it a bit late, so I thought I'd ask it here. As a non American who has never visited the USA, the impressions I get of people on AI are partly based on the State they live in, and American films I've seen in the past. For example, if someones from Kansas, I imagine they live on a farm surrounded by wheat fields, with a sister called Dorothy and a...
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