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[quote]Originally posted by Eugene: I think that's the easiest way to send the plane into a dive rather than just pitching the stick/wheel forward. or a straight shot would have been unexciting from the audience's POV... In all footage I've seen of steep dives, the planes always roll into the dive...I dunno... Here's how I would have ended the episode... <Mason> Surprise! Look what I brought you! <Bauer> Ah for criminy's sake, George, you aren't...
[quote]Originally posted by BR: I don't have any written source on this. I saw it with my own eyes on one of the cable news channels. A reporter with a thick Mexican accent asked Fleischer if the US would consider easing immigration laws in return for Mexico's UN vote. Fleischer replied that America cannot be bought and that America does not bribe other countries. It was at that point that the press briefing room burst into laughter and Fleischer quickly...
The best show on TV, next to the new Let's Make a Deal, and my ONLY "Must See" show right now. I would have jumped long before the 3 minutes-to-go mark. Big Thumbs up to the first-season's asshole, George Mason, who redeems himself even though Jack had to knock him out last year. Big thumbs down to the incredibly persistent stupid little girl, Kim. What Jack sees in her, I'll never know. I can't recall one smart thing she has ever done. I DID LIKE the shirt she almost...
I've probably only seen one foreign film, though aren't all Star Wars shot out of the US? Anyway, my vote is for Wings of Desire. The forerunner to that Meg whats-her-name and the long faced guy's remake. "I just want you to know I'm your man..."
[quote]Originally posted by Powerdoc: You did make a general sentance, however i am glad to hear that you are concerned by the rights of your co-citizens, but you do not care for the rights of other countries even if they are your democratics allies.
Hey, allies come and allies go, you know. I won't bore you with a list that ends with the most recent, France.
[quote]Originally posted by Powerdoc: Don't you see a contradiction between the right to spy everyone, and freedoom ?
Oh, sorry. I thought we were talking about the UN foreigners, not US citizens. I can't remember taking an oath to all other countrys' rights. BUt, I've slept since then. Please don't make me remember that if it happened either. Because I'm old enough not to give a damn about it if it DID happen anyway.
I can't see why we WOULDN'T spy on any and everybody.
I hope they first cut off his arms and legs with no anesthetic and THEN start to interrogate him. Later, if he resists, burn his eyes out. Do this all in a public view inside a glass encased room at ground zero.
[quote]Originally posted by Scott: I had several rules I lived by back when I was riding much more. Some of them were ... If it has more than two wheels it's trying to kill you. At night assume everyone's drunk. Watch the wheel of the car to see if it's moving and/or turning. Make eye contact with drivers. Yell, "Get the **** off your cell phone you stupid ****ing moron." as needed. Also when people turned in front of me I used to always make sure something...
In my mind, runners and cyclists take the risk of getting killed everyday. Regardless of rules and such, if and when an accident does happen between two different objects such as a bike/runner/motorcycle and a car/truck/semi, physics come into play and no amount of "Warranted" or "Right" will save those on the smaller side. So, if you want to be safe, buy big, drive big. If you want to be on the losing end of the proposition, stay unshielded from reality.
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