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Did KimKapSol eventually switch to making metals from making plastics? Anyone remember ol' KKS?
Thanks. I almost did not live to see 2009 let alone 2010. Hope everyone does well in 2010.
Did the iPhone thingy come out?
I would love quad (core) iMac. Hi all! [Next month is ELEVEN YEARS as a registered AI forum member... oldest on record!]
If Apple truly wants to gain marketshare, Wal-Mart being able to sell items is good. If they've already sunk to Best Buy, Wal-Mart is not going to tarnish their appeal any. (Why does Best Buy not sell Mac Minis?) Hey, next month is my TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! First one there!
I for one do not think it's the most-hyped. But, they are ALL good. I am staying home today. Sorry, boss.
That list is a big yawner. Esp. the OMT.
No. You don't need a life. You've survived this long w/o one!
combine that with RAID and it would help. This kind of a bit toward admitting defeat with iDisk speed/reliability, imo.
I had no idea about any 'nova' split. My registration here is coming up on NINE years. Truly unfathomable.
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