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Did the iPhone thingy come out?
I would love quad (core) iMac. Hi all! [Next month is ELEVEN YEARS as a registered AI forum member... oldest on record!]
If Apple truly wants to gain marketshare, Wal-Mart being able to sell items is good. If they've already sunk to Best Buy, Wal-Mart is not going to tarnish their appeal any. (Why does Best Buy not sell Mac Minis?) Hey, next month is my TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! First one there!
I for one do not think it's the most-hyped. But, they are ALL good. I am staying home today. Sorry, boss.
That list is a big yawner. Esp. the OMT.
No. You don't need a life. You've survived this long w/o one!
combine that with RAID and it would help. This kind of a bit toward admitting defeat with iDisk speed/reliability, imo.
I had no idea about any 'nova' split. My registration here is coming up on NINE years. Truly unfathomable.
Ah, back here once again to check in.
This thread has been quiet for almost a year, now.
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