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Haven't been around here in quite some time. Since I'm the oldest registered user and all. Any of the original crew still in the discussion?
I actually think that it seems to try to one-better the iPod. Now, if only they had a content infrastructure.
Hmmm, that's interesting.
How did Drewprops KNOCK ME OFF?????? Not sure you're correct there old pal. torifile Resident Psychologist Registered: Nov 2001 Posts: 4013 From: Athens, GA (again.) _ posted 02-23-2004 09:03 AM _ _ _ _ _ _ _ quote: Originally posted by drewprops propguy, technical writer of design guidelines for retail and corporate campuses, model-builder, script writer, prop-maker, future producer and unemployed doofus drew, you know you get a nice hefty portion of AI's...
Sorry not to reply. I had forgotten that I had posted that post here. Having been here since 1998 (6 years and 3 months) I am too old and start to forget things!
Nice little toy.
Oh, I remember that night when the arabic postings began. It was freaky.
I believe there were only two or three people that signed up BEFORE me. So, NOV 98....6 years, 1 month, and some odd days since I registered for Appleinsider forums! And I'm ONLY twelve years old! edit: awwww! That's SO NICE of someone to store old forum postings ! And THIS ONE is where I wish my mom a Happy Birthday!http://commons.ucalgary.ca/king/appl...ML/000023.html You can PLAINLY see my NOV 98 Registration date in the post, too! COOL! (That is my biggest...
I'm back from the slumber... Four years of Morpheus' chip chats can be found here: (as well as YOUNG Nick dePlume(thinksecret) and his discussions, too) http://spork.macedition.com/cgi-bin/WebX? Search for morpheus [Sorry to return to AI boards since I officially left. I believe this is the third time. But I thought you might find this interesting.] Again, I am the longest-registered account on Appleinsider! Going on SIX YEARS of AppleInsider...
maybe I'll read those replies someday. but not today Tiger made me come back to the forum! http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...r_040410231611
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