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Just peeked in to find this post so I can say FIVE YEARS since Nov 98 as the first registered and non-participatory user. (Surprised the account still worked.)
but now I have requested my account be revoked. Hey Kormac...love you man! It's time for me to leave this message board. And, I was just a few days short of FIVE FULL YEARS!!!!! HERE!!! Wow. That's an anniversary! (In my mind only it appears) God Bless each and every one of you and good luck in your endeavors! James
Carbonated soft drink like the last 35 years.
Yeah, and the engine in it and the SRT-4 makes about 250 HP stock AT THE WHEELS. I check up on it all the time. They are great cars. The VW and Minis some people are fawning over are ugly.
Get down on your knees and thank God for him
Anyone with 1/2 brain KNOWS it was one way to disguise himself. He did/would not fall into workerbees foibles.
You're just angy because there are fewer and fewer 'Plastics' for you to make, now that Steve has gone metal on you! (Of course, I, like many others, have the impossibly daunting task of keeping the many incarnations of KimKapSol straight) JRC
I'll second this old vote! I've taken quite a long time to think about it and this IS my final answer! Workerbee's shine has been lost, like seeing your girlfriend naked for the first time...just common. But Kormac still shows just the right amount of ankle and hint of smile to interest one even well into his cloak and dagger 'older' life.
I don't think the i**** appears to be any closer than before. But, with the economy seemingly on the upswing, maybe they'll dust if off again. My vote is NO. Apple is once again fighting on many fronts. The least of which appears to be education. The most of which appear to be music and entertainment. Just the opposite focus for a good i***** product, IMO.
Ahhh, I see you noticed my 'BUMP' on your post. As I have been here the 'longest' (earliest registration known to man), I have been most entertained by you, old man. Nice to hear from you again. Peace....JRC!
New Posts  All Forums: