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I was relieved to awake this morning having NOT had a nightmare about spiders.
http://nccsc.k12.in.us/chs/ And I look back appreciatively, now. My kids just started school and I was shocked to find they wear shorts. Plus, the fast food marketing at the school surprised me as well.
We were never allowed to have softdrinks, or leave school, or have bags from mcdonalds or other fast food places on it. Like a pizza box. I snuck a pizza in my senior year and was threatened with not being to attend my graduation ceremony. Never was allowed to wear any exposed legs, like in shorts.
Seriously, one hell of an ignorant post.
I support it.
How hard is it to ROTATE a picture?
That's so full of bullshit.
BOO! Honk Honk!
The timeline concept is exactly what I suggested rumor sites do, oh about 6 years ago.
Return to the recent forum split where one can call each other names, and the other one where people are actually civil
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