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That's what libraries are for. And you'll find his stuff in the FICTION section, with the KIDDIE books.
Hilarious answer! Bravo!
My reply as the person who has been registered the longest... BULLSHIT!
Kids have been in school for a couple of weeks here.
My son's new teacher is a man. 20 years experience. nice guy. and, gasp, they PRAY in class and at the school board meetings!
You worked on the 'new coke' campaign, right? Change is NOT inherently 'good'.
Good observation
okay, after weeks of trying to use this, about 80+ % of my attempts FAIL. any pointers?
Chrome polish itsy bitsy speakers feminine hygeine-like WINGS headphones that stay IN another lousy GAME keyboard for contacts/appts. extended battery gooseneck stand
2,034 songs. 8.8 GB
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