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I actually like Dali, Monet, and Thomas Kincaide however you spell it.
I can tell you my inlaws don't think macs suck today. I spent Christmas ridding them of the badtrans virus on their wintel. All the while saying, "My mac wouldn't have this problem".
[quote]Originally posted by Outsider: Um, no red-blooded American boy would see Grease. That movie is gayer than gay. Even my gay friends say that.
You see it FOR ONJ. I'm not sure there is anymore to that movie, anyway.
WOW! uh, who the hell is BT?
WOW! uh, who the hell is BT?
Anyone that can get as close to Olivia Newton-John as did he, while she's wearing that black spandex, has to be well-respected. No red-blooded American boy can watch that part of Grease (the movie) and not lust after ON-J.
I love sam's and like Wal-Mart. They'd get a hundred times more traffic than at Circuit city, compusa, and apple stores combined. You'd think even if 1% of those extra hundred people walking by buys, it'd be worth it to the brand.
My wife and I are hooked on 24. I like Jeff Gordon. He's from Pittsboro. Just kidding. Well, he really did live in Pittsboro. 1.) How much stuff can happen in an hour!? And, string it together, how much stuff can happen in a day!? Don't they ever use the bathroom? 2.) I think I'd be in bed sleeping at 3 am, 4 am. But NOOOO, these guys are just getting started. 3.) I don't trust the guy with the goatee 4.) Keifer Sutherland actually plays a decent part, post-brat...
I agree in spades!
[quote]Originally posted by pfflam: Hand out examples of yur work to every business in town, tell them that you will make better than the Co. they use for cheaper as a freelancer. Check out exhibit design companies. As far as JRC: I can't help but see the typical thoughtless reaction of the "anti-government squad" in your responce. Only from peoplle who have never had to have a safety net and have never really known what it is to live from paycheck to paycheck...
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