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My wife and I are hooked on 24. I like Jeff Gordon. He's from Pittsboro. Just kidding. Well, he really did live in Pittsboro. 1.) How much stuff can happen in an hour!? And, string it together, how much stuff can happen in a day!? Don't they ever use the bathroom? 2.) I think I'd be in bed sleeping at 3 am, 4 am. But NOOOO, these guys are just getting started. 3.) I don't trust the guy with the goatee 4.) Keifer Sutherland actually plays a decent part, post-brat...
I agree in spades!
[quote]Originally posted by pfflam: Hand out examples of yur work to every business in town, tell them that you will make better than the Co. they use for cheaper as a freelancer. Check out exhibit design companies. As far as JRC: I can't help but see the typical thoughtless reaction of the "anti-government squad" in your responce. Only from peoplle who have never had to have a safety net and have never really known what it is to live from paycheck to paycheck...
They have TURBO dodge caravans out there, too! http://www.allpar.com/eek/mplus.html
do what I do. For the last three years I haven't bought my wife a Christmas present.
Kinda looks like a young Spock. liv lahng end prahspur!
[quote]Originally posted by Jonathan: Hmmm... let's see. My god, the amount of sheer idiocy represented in this post is beyond my comprehension. Let's dissect, shall we? You say "finally BMW makes a car that beats all German competition in it's class" Hmm, looks to me like just about every BMW model for the past, oh, 5 or 6 years has soundly beaten its competitors, German, American, or Japanese, in most comparison tests in car magazines. Re: Quattro. Yes,...
[quote]Originally posted by ZO: you do realize what you just said right? In case you didnt, I hope you realize that besides American Indians that are nicely holed up on their reserves, we are ALL immigrants to the USA.
Well, I am partly American Indian. And I certainly do understand what I said. And, I'm just making a STUPID statement just like asking a STUPID question that stereotypes one group. In other words, I lowered myself to...
I think Americans are so stupid because of all the immigrants that have brought the average down. :0
I have no teachers. Maybe five pounds of cheese if I did? I'm looking to buy my wife a diamond tennis bracelet. And I'm getting a pair of sweat pants in return, I know.
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