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[quote]Originally posted by tmp: People getting unemployment are not getting it as a "handout". They had to have worked to pay into the system to receive the benefit. And it is not like they are living high of the hog either. Nor do most people file for bankruptcy casually. Do you think that your parents were freeloading receiving govermnent cheese? Or is age the only criterion for receiving assistance? Some would argue that people who had to take government...
Wow. I wonder how many people, or what percentage, HERE have EVER taken unemployment benefits. (Or whatever term they use in your neck of the handouts) I have never. Or, ever miss a bill? (not due to forgetting it) No for me. Or, filed bankruptcy? Negative here. Wrecked into a car and left without paying? Nope here. Been on any welfare/govt cheese program? We actually had Government cheese growing up. Due to my parents' age, not income. Voted for candidates who...
DO 'all' of any group of people have exactly the same opinion on any given subject? Hell No. I support it, though.
[quote]Originally posted by JasonPP: http://www.jason.prini.ca just for you!!! Please snatch it and post the images in a reply, geocities is a dog.. [ 12-18-2001: Message edited by: JasonPP ]
Why does that one iCam say iPod on the side? Anyway, I'd like to see a camcorder with the firewire capturing directly to FW HD, - even iPod-ish one.
the $70 is court costs, I'd imagine. Like most places, the citation is small. The LARGE fee is the judge's graft
I blasted by an M3 this morning in my 2000 dodge caravan,(4 cyl, 3 spd auto (yes THREE)) while listening to the Christmas station on the radio. At least I've got two valentine ones! I'm going to swap out my rear windows wiper to a lighter one next week. I might even top off the tires to their recommended pressure. And this 88 cent gas is great! I might get a carbon fiber rear bench seat, too. I know .... I'm just dreaming. JRC
Gosh, had I only said CONFIRMED: NEW IBOOKS, this would have stayed in the FUTURE section. Oh, well. M W N B T D T M T T D A O T B B T A O 1 A N G A
http://www.macconnection.com/scripts/content/showcase/apple/ibook.asp hurry my little forum friends! Hurry! (to keep on-topic: This means NEW iBooks!)
Wow, Now I don't have to take a PR class. That saves me a few months and thousands of dollars! Who hires PR people that say something when you have nothing to say? (I guess I should ask my PR wife)
I hate those charities that discriminate against hard working people that don't look for handouts and feel that they deserve to be taken care of!
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