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I bet a good chunk of the time will be taken up with that new hit sensation... the iPod Dancers! All the moves are based on the guy in the TV commercial. The iPods will be synchronized via airport, so all the dancers wearing their headphones will all look too goofy to write about at the exact same time. to demonstrate the iPods storage capacity, the iPod Dancers will keep on dancing, through all 1,000 songs in their pockets! Some of the moves will also be incorporated...
Ive's previous work must explain the 'toilet seat' iBook design!
[quote]Originally posted by discstickers: I doubt there will any color choice with the new iMac. Who seriously won't buy a computer because it isn't the right color? And from Apple's perspective, it's good not to release colors. It will reduce overhead (especially important now that Apple has retail stores it needs to stock). Colors are one their way out. The current iMac is the only one left w/ them.
I certainly won't buy an ugly colored...
I used to work/live in the Shaumburg area. Chicago's nice if you like to become a FAT AMERICAN that I hear so much about. Great food in many places. It gets cold, though. And traffic is a bear. But, it's a nice place over all.
All the good frito-lay products. trivia: Lays potato chips cannot be sold NORTH of Indiana State Road 28. They must be sold as FRITO-lays potato chips.
NO A big fat NO. I don't even LISTEN to music anymore. Well, just the 'greats' once in a while. Like John Denver!
[quote]Originally posted by Matsu: Hi, smaller screen??? I hope you're joking or I'll have to come over there and slap you in the head. 15" is small enough.
Yes, smaller screen. The current iMac's screen is way too big H x W not to mention D, to fit in tight spaces. It's have to be 12" or smaller. Preferably 10" for me. Vertical orientation is preferred - creates smaller footprint than horizontal orientation. Not kidding.
I'd like a SMALLER LCD screen. Small footprint. Put in more places than an iMac of today.
[quote]Originally posted by _ alliance _: where are u from??? just a few months ago we had 5 hondas in our driveway when everyone was home...ranging from 1989 to 2000 year models... and im assuming u didnt mean to say "non-luxory" cars, because most luxory cars are imported, and many are made by honda, under the name Acura, of course (but still made by honda...).
Sorry for the typo (luxury). From a Chrysler Corp. town. Went to Walter...
If this is global warming, then aerosol cheeze whiz for everyone!!!
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