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Where I grew up and still to this day, foreign (esp. Japanese) cars were very shunned. If someone has a non-Luxury car in a driveway, like a Honda, it's assumed that they just moved into town or they are having non-family company over. Seeing TWO or more Hondas or something in ONE driveway is a very rare sight indeed. I had an excruciating time deciding to buy my M-B 300E a few years back. NOT because I live there any longer, but because I'd have to visit in that car...
I have two, and at one time had three, iMacs.
Double post Maybe GigaWire is firewire over IR? Prob not [ 12-05-2001: Message edited by: JRC ]

I will once again throw out this idea. Why PLUG the iPOd in, when you can use Sony's LaserLink technology or similar? You guys have SEEN this LaserLink, right? Just put an IR emitter on the iPod and point it towards the TV of your choice (LL equipped, of course).
[quote]Originally posted by Jonathan: like they'd catch me? pppfft... Valentine One :cool: oh, and pscates- i really like the 3rd door idea... does it work as well in practice as it would seem to?
J: I've got two V-1s. Been 137 MPH in my (ex) MB300E. Faster in my 1976 Chevy Scottsdale Step-side short bed pickup with tweaked 350 in the National Forest somewherez...
Now all we need are a couple more insiders getting sued by Apple. In effect, martyrs! No. Really. I only wish I had more time to post. But I read many of the posts and enjoy one or two a day. JRC
The current Motor Trend has a military, tank-looking thing in it. I can't find it online, though. But, for 'normal' uses, that's a nice truck you got there.
[quote]Originally posted by Fran441: tonton- It's not about the promise of the device in the future, it's the immediate limitations that have people upset. Can you imagine what would happen if people went into Manhattan and expected to use one of these things? Plus, what happens when there is snow or ice on the ground? It's limitations like these and speed and weight issues that have people shrugging their shoulders. Plus, you have to admit that its a little...
I just heard from a friend of a friend that the current version of Segway will be updated to include an independent balancing-unit co-processor, will get a 50 Mhz speed bump over current models, might have some translucent plastics that I'm sure KamenKapSol is working on, and will finally have the Rosetta handwriting recognition built into the handles! So, should I buy now or WAIT? I don't for a second believe that we will see Pirelli tire upgrades, better wheels and...
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