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[quote] Question 1: You and your spouse have fertility problems.
For the three distinct times we've tried, it worked. Not span of time/trying. So, not an issue for me. [quote] Question 2:
Again, not an issue. I wouldn't do IVF anyway. [quote] Question 3: Let's say you (or your spouse) goes to term this time. You have a beautiful daughter who at the age of 12 is exposed to a toxic agent which requires a transplant with a...
EVERYONE should know the difference between it's and its !!!! (Just don't ask Clinton) Now, typing it correctly is another thing.
I like his stuff and his enterprising attitude. I'm sure he generates a lot of tax revenue that goes to many worthy causes like better roads to drive my SUV on. But art pretty much is way down their on my list to give a crap about.
Generally, we use the Republican platform. Actually, Win (all), Solaris
[quote](iMac type machines and modular machines) will have bundled gadgets suited for specific uses (for example: an iPod bundled with an iMac where the iPod would slide in a slot in the imac made for it)[/QB]
I've always thought a palm/visor cradle built-into a keyboard would be great. Allows the user to use the typwriter to key into the palm device DIRECTLY or into Palm Desktop or BOTH simultaneously. Perhaps even allow preferences to bring up the palm...
< http://www.pbs.org/cringely/pulpit/pulpit20011122.html> Cringely writes: "Work on QuickTime 1.0 was completed on December 2, 1991." Any fond Quicktime stories? Any suggestions for proper recognition of this anniversary/birthday?
the economy seems to have shifted more than slupped, or slumped. In my nexk of the woods, I can't believe how long lines are at restaurants, movies and such. I've spoken with car dealers for a while, and they said the last two months they've had record car sales. Housing seems to be doing well in new homes, but not so well in existing homes sales. Gas is cheap. Only the government workers/politicians seem to be complaining IMO. CompUSA, BestBuy and the like are always...
I'd suggest putting in a QuickTime management system. Why stop at MP3s? Let the user take their iMovies with them (on the iPod side, not the HD side, so to speak) and share them with people. If the horsepower is not there for full fledged movies being shown in some way, they still could manage them somehow. How hard would it be to use the Infrared link that sony allows video to be shown on their tv? So, beam some video to sony's laserlink-enabled televisions. You'd just...
no order Excalibur Ghost Field of Dreams The Matrix Dances with wolves also good Jurassic park sixth sense (first and second viewings are best) Braveheart Amadeus My ONE movie that I never pass up when channel surfing: The Final Countdown (since my dad was on an aircraft carrier right after Pearl Harbor)
Lop off the top and half the side of a cdrom. Make it surface mounting. spindle hub exposed on keyboard plane area. small, shuttered/protected lens area for the optics. place it in upper right or upper left corner of the base, with the screen in the up position the disc shoudl slip under the screen'slower left or right corner, and have half of the cd-disc in front of the screen, half behind it. If worried about bumping/damaging, have a little radially-exendable cover that...
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