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[quote] On an unrelated note: If Antwan Randle-El of Indiana played for Nebraska, he would've won a Heisman already. He's probably the most dangerous QB in the country. Too bad he made the poor decision to play for Indiana. [ 11-13-2001: Message edited by: gyc ][/QB]
Oh brother! (boiler here) [ 11-15-2001: Message edited by: JRC ]

Well, now it works. I changed my cookie settings. It seems that I set my password on computer A. Went to computer B to surf. Changed password while at Computer B. and when returning to Computer A, the cookie-ed password wouldn't let me do anything. So, could you guys look into the script under this scenario? If you need help understanding it more, just let me know.
I keep getting the message that I had entered a bad password, no matter how I try to get in. FYI Sorry, the password you entered is not correct. ยป Please use your browser's back button to return. I'm using IE right now, but prefer NS. Any ideas? JRC
[quote]Originally posted by Synotic: I want to note that when I was backtracing some old URLs, I found someone who registered a day or two before you did. I don't think he was one of the people who was part of AI either. Just a normal poster. He only made like 3 posts though.
Thanks for the info. That's why I say 'the earliest you'll ever see', because Nov 98, the way the old board would display the reg date, was not day specific and I...
double post what was your reg date, btw? [ 11-14-2001: Message edited by: JRC ]

[quote]Originally posted by btober: Michael - please email me (btober at mac.com)! I NEED to teach you how to spell!
Hey NOW with that sig!!!!
[quote]Originally posted by The Installer: Not for nothing are you at Berkeley, Eugene Poor woman BTW . . .
Yeah, what about those fine mountain-top houses being constructed that I seem to remember from Berkely? Some HUGE image files, IIRC.
1965 36 years old
It looks like Jobs has his right thumb poised on a secret 'security alert' panic button!
Just wanted everyone to know that I've found my way back. Just too bad that the Nov 98 registration date doesn't still show up and mark me as the (once again) earliest registered AI forum member. Got some catching up to do. Someone please have a better disaster recovery plan in the works. My brain is withered on the vine, so to speak. JRC Nov 98 - earliest AI Forum registration you once saw!
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