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okay, after weeks of trying to use this, about 80+ % of my attempts FAIL. any pointers?
Chrome polish itsy bitsy speakers feminine hygeine-like WINGS headphones that stay IN another lousy GAME keyboard for contacts/appts. extended battery gooseneck stand
2,034 songs. 8.8 GB
I would like the iPod to branch off into this, melded with a palm/macoslite device.
I LIKE IT! GO STEVE GO! I'm editing this to add : BRAVO. Great production on this web and song stuff.
I always thought that estes rockets, with their payload compartments packed with flour, would make nice POOOF marks and they might steer clear of your area.
I've had a hard time both connecting to the site and its humor. NEXT
My wife makes a green bean dish with bacon, mushrooms, onions, green beans, and CHEEZE WHIZ that is great. The flavor is not too far from Outback Steakhouse's Walkabout Soup, really. Kind of a peppery, creamy cheese concoction.
Field of Dreams or Final Countdown, My Life, The Matrix, Excalibur
I'll tell you, a man could use poisoned to download all the girls gone wild pretty quickly with a G5 and BROADband!
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