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Whose president is he? I thought you were a european?
VERY ugly lips. Looks like she fell on her face too much as a toddler.
Let's see...it's my initials. And since I was "FIRST", I didn't have all these cute, neat-o names to show me how to do it.
What a bunch of idiots. I guess living under an oppressive regime will make you stupid.
Yes, to each their own.
I like it. I wouldn't buy the stuff. But, it's a nice, thoughtful presentation.
Having no idea what that software is/was, I downloaded it. I'm assuming this is what they talk about as "file sharing"? So, I downloaded one thing to iTunes, a police scanner audio file. But, I tried two other files and they were cancelled. How does this work? I have no idea about user accounts, any rules of engagement type items. Can someone help a guy like me that has absolutely ZERO KNOWLEDGE of this stuff? And my intent is NOT to grab copyrighted...
Only worth it if you become lawyer or doctor
Congratulations on your heterosexual endeavor!
I pronounce it Dime-WIRE. Just like Steve Jobs.
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