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Hiya I am about to run fusion2 for my mac so i can get windows working on it, but i have two questions one how good is fusion at graphics and games? the only game i play a bit is call of duty 2 would it be able to run that ok ? (i have a late 08 mbp) and can i run boot camp and fusion off the same xp license key or do i need two keys ?
firstly i am sorry if this is on the wrong thread, and if it is please feel free to move it sorry but i am about to buy either a 15" or 17" MBP and i use effectively as my desktop, but i need a computer i can carry to lectures and classes and just to have if i need to go some where for a night or two.... and as much as i would love a MBA my wallet simply cant get a MBA and a MBP so i have chosen to try my luck at a hackintosh, right now i have 3 models on my mind; dell...
no way, who would buy a MBA 15" which would cost a million times more than a mbp and has less ports and less usability :S there is hardly any difference between the MB and the MBA in portability already, cause weight really isnt much of an issue with laptops now a days, its basically the same as carrying another file or text book the perfect setup would be something like, a MBP 15' or 17' running as a main computer, (i would say imac but a MBP has more/similar...
Hiya I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on when or if the MBP 17" battery will filter its way down to the MBP 15" .... any ideas cause I am about to buy a new MBP and would find 6 hours (grain of salt taken :P) of battery useful Also any ideas on dates about snow leopard ?
hiya its nearly 09 and i need a new laptop, and so i was wondering when they might refresh the MBP either with a the possibility of a quad processor (for snow leopard) or just a general improvement any info about when or what will happen is welcome
Hi I just read this on engadget, USB 3.0 specs will be released on Nov 17th. http://www.engadget.com/2008/11/06/u...ed-this-month/ So when will we see this integrated into laptops and desktops? Any Ideas? Also will this require new internals?
ok now that core i7 has been realized for desktops, can we make a better guess at what the mobile nehmalem will bring..... and if it will offer and major advantages or even disadvantages... and when this is likely to be used ....
ok i sort now understand the advantages of nehalam but could someone please layout in simple terms the new updates and what advantages they offer (eg better battery life, fast clockspeed, shrunk die, graphics bump etc) please cause im sort of lost on what comes next the "tic" or "toc" nehalem or core i7
o that makes sense now, so frontside speed bus will disappear completely after northbridge is integrated into nehmalm so is this worth waiting for cause i need to get a new laptop to replace my aging mac mini but i dont want to jump too early
i have the same question because i thought the new nvidia chips replaced northbridge already, or have i got that completely wrong
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