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i was waiting for a big breakthrough in the imacs but now with the new cinema display and the new 15" MBP, i can get dual screen with equal power to an imac apart from it isnt anchored to a desk so unless the imacs get quad cores before the end of the year which will benefit from snow leopard .... im off to buy a MBP
it cant be a itunes problem as you can share your music over the lan to 5 different users, who can listen to 5 different songs all whilst i can listen to different song so thats 6 different songs playing all at the same time so it cant be itunes, i just think they need to add that level of programming into it
i posted this idea in another thread but couldnt some of the components like the hard drive and memory be built into the stand of the imac, that would allow the easy swap outs on the hard drive (just remove a panel) and also security of data (take the hard drive out when you leave the office, carry it back home and pop it in your imac or external e-sata reader for mac pro at home and presto but otherwise i can reason with the imac, having it all built in, i currently...
o what about a mighty mouse with an ipod click around the ball then you could scroll quicker than using the stupid ball .... probably isnt possible but just an idea or a mouse pad thats lifted straight from a macbook just larger as that would allow you to use it like a wacom tablet but you could also use it to control your itunes and surf the web.... or even build it into a keyboard like logitechs keyboard and finally an imac where some of the compounets where...
what about an updated iMac with the "chin", with new processor and some of that Nvidia goodness currently in the MBP ..... or is that too hopefully or at least a NEW not so mighty MOUSE ....
opps sorry about that
after reading this im now v http://9to5mac.com/macbook-brick http://www.engadget.com/2008/10/05/a...macbook-brick/ does anyone have any ideas how true this can be, cause ive been waiting for a new macbook for a 2 months
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