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It's a complicated mess.
When considering how the iPP was marketed and its distinct usefulness with regards to the Pencil I would NOT consider the Pencil as just another accessory. It's vitally important. And it's a natural feeling for customers to be disappointed to have to wait for what seems like an unplanned (read above posts as evidence that this was not a planned) delay. Isn't it safe to say that Apple leadership is also NOT happy about the Pencil delay? How unhappy are they? Do you really...
Not to take away from developers, but mobile mouse can just as easily be a free Apple app.
I agree. And not trying to be an apologist for Rog or Bolts but it would have been better customer service for Apple to announce last week that ATV would be available in some stores on Oct 30 in limited supply.  That would give customers a little more info on which to base their "risks". But yes, 1st world problem and I don't feel sorry for them.
Absolutely! Wouldn't be surprised if Apple trends towards this way of reporting.
That's my guess as well. Currency headwinds tempering guidance.But I still think we'll get gradual sh price increase to 125 by Dec.Especially as iPad Pro, ATV as well as strong iPhone sales comes to media.I just don't think the market will stay out of AAPL for too much longer, though maybe enough powder for one more take down before a rise?
Non-Apple smart phone numbers down in China. Apple up. Those numbers are telling.Also, Tim says: not looking at any numbers/statistics/economy, you wouldn't think China's troubles is a problem for iPhone sales (maybe a bit less busy, but not dramatic). Yes, good point. Also related to Dec guidance.
I disagree with your assessment that Tim Cook can "rectify" Apple's share price by fixing Wall Street due to phone calls to SEC/FTC or whoever else you're referring to.  And stop calling me profane names. Hope you get banned. At minimum you're blocked. 
Like what? Like your advice that Tim should "make some calls" to the SEC?Pathetic.
New Posts  All Forums: