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Really, you should just stop. stop.PE is at 13. Dark matter is not taking over the earth. So what do you propose Tim should do? Bragging about upcoming products or posting premature sales results will do nothing in the long term. Stopping the buy backs and paying out more in dividends may temper fluctuations...or it may not. But stop saying Tim should "deal with this". Like what?
I just think you're unrealistic in your calls for "going private" or "Apple needs to manage perceptions better". You should sell and I mean that sincerely. It doesn't sound like this investment is good for your health (i.e. your up/down mood swings). But if you're waiting for it to hit 140 before you sell, I hope we don't have to put up with many more of your overly-dramatic posts. Sounds like you should sell when it hits 125 or so (and relish in your decision that it's a...
   IMO, you're both right. Big money is being diverted to the "high flyers". It sucks, but it's the truth.PE should definitely be more like 18...which will it'll be closer to than 13...but patience is key (unfortunately). Sog should sell soon AND stop whining. Investors like him get tiring real fast.
I don't mind that sog wears his heart on his sleeve but yes, when investing, it's best to moderate temperament and emotion.And he and others don't realize this "stock market shenanigans" has happened many times in the past, and often with Steve Jobs as CEO. This is but an ugly snapshot of AAPL share price. If history repeats, price will shoot above reason then dive below...again and again.So if he sells, will he ever buy back again?...and then when to buy back? That is the...
Would it have hurt to slow down just a bit on the pointing/clicking? :-)
Rippling and such, are USELESS to me...along with peek/pop, flyover, fart apps, lighted-selfies, apple pencil, and apple watch.   So in conclusion, why don't they fix street view and adobe flash instead of all those useless things and such?   Signed, -I'm not a troll Own: iPhone, iMac, Macbook Pro, iPod Shuffle. Oh, and I used to be an Apple sheep but not anymore!   /s
Absolutely, the question Lutz should be asking, "If Apple is interested in this industry, I wonder why this is so?...maybe it's because   fill in the blanks here, here and here." Possible 'fill in then blank' reasons:- Apple is already in the design business- Apple is already in the product supply business (esp. with OEMs in Asia and South America). Why recreate a drive-train that China and Korea already pieces together at an efficient price point?- Apple is already in the...
 And that's why phrases such as "...price collapse of about 1/3...." should NEVER BE USED. It's a useless fact. More importantly, what is the time weighted or volume weighted price(s)?
Yes...APPS! And I'm surprised Android hardware makers didn't catch onto this earlier. Obviously, iOS-compatibility and the Apple ecosystem is one HUGE advantage that Apple has...this is history in the making. This new ATV will drive millions more to purchase. TV/Cable content providers will have no choice but to offer/negotiate onto this ecosystem. Sure we all wanted more from this ATV, but it's a good balance of price, features and appeal.
I just can't emphasize it more...to all you drone pilots:   BE RESPONSIBLE when flying.   - don't irritate the public with the noise or invading privacy. Fly higher to give the public some space. It's also less noisy. - don't fly it anywhere near a crime scene, fire or disaster where 1st responders (esp. helicopters)  may be. - don't hover above people. Keep flying forward. Respect people's privacy. - do learn all you can about your equipment. Just like we should...
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