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Maybe, maybe not.  I do agree that Amazon has a stronger ecosystem than Samsung which makes Amazon a sort of a competitor for Apple.  However, Apple and Amazon are still very different companies and Apple may realize that there is room for both, a content company (Amazon - books/products/sales medium/music/movies) and a hardware company (Apple).  Interestingly and quite ironically, I think that Amazon is more a competitor of Samsung.
Good of you to admit, but you know and I know, that non-experts often have the most common sense/valuable approaches. :-) Absolutely.  And this an important year for Apple.  If Tim/Apple don't deliver in 2014, Tim's head will be fair game. Personally, I'm not desiring this, but that's how the corporate game is typically played. I'm still under the impression that sitting on a ridiculously large pile of cash was probably not the right thing to do either, so increased...
Hey....aren't you the same guy who said the same thing about the iPad Mini?!?!No need to answer.
It has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT I WANT.  It has everything to do with consumer demand.  Not me, not you, and definitely not your one person at Starbucks pulling out a small phone while looking at a phablet. A 4.9" (or 4.7") phone is NOT a niche as you are proclaiming.  You will eat your words.
Don't be/act obtuse. I think his point is that it was a variety of things "...down to the icons".  Not just the icons.
Not sure why you continue to confuse the discussion, i.e. what does witnessing A PERSON watching a galaxy note then answering a smaller phone have anything to do with anything? I apologize if I came across as insulting, but you are insulting me if you make an opinion contradicting mine and then you don't address your own statements, like this one:What do you mean, "so what"?  I made an opinion stressing some significance to the 40-somethings and you respond with "so what"....
Your points are convoluted and without logic.  As I sad, it has nothing to do with "look, we have big phones".  If you think screen size has nothing to do with the ability to zoom in and see more, then logic and reality escapes you.  Very simply, people are doing more with their phones and MANY ARE REALIZING that additional screen real estate IS VALUABLE.  Get it thru your thick skull.  Now, don't get me wrong, computing devices are evolving and it's possible that...
Unless there is an iWatch (which I doubt) this year or some other important product launch, it WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO BOTTOM LINE without a larger iPhone.   Not the end of Apple's world, but it will hurt. Maybe someone can help with the maths/statistics here, but anecdotally, 80% of all current large screen (anywhere from 4.7" to 5.5") consumers would seriously consider switching to a 4.9" iPhone (if offered).  And the number of 40+ year olds with presbyopia...
I agree to the overdone doom/gloom/FUD.  But if you go back to any of my posts, you'll see that I'm about none of that.  A 4.9" is nowhere near phablet and it's where I think Apple should go this year or it WILL HURT (not doom, but it will hurt).
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