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With iLife FREE with purchase of iOS...very few will want to buy anything but an iPad.
Yah, I kinda agree.  not sure about "by far" better than the 5s, but better for many because frankly, I'm tired of having to protect my shiny metal phones from dings/scratches/falls... and would just as well opt for the plastic 5c (naked, of course) at a price break. Disclosure: I'm still loving my gold 5s!
I would agree that supply is an issue for 5s...but probably not as big as the doomsayers say.  I think it's a demand "issue".  :-) I just can't see how suppliers could have ramped up the initial supply during launch and then suddenly come to a dramatic slowdown.  Then again, I'm not privy to supply chain status.  But with shipping status at 2-3 weeks...it can't be all that bad (as opposed to 4-6 weeks?).
Why anyone is surprised with this is beyond me. The vast majority who RUSHED to purchase at launch were Apple fans...who buy the best, which is the 5s. Both phones are good phones. Many would like to save a couple hundred dollars and consider... then buy the 5c. It was just a matter of time.   Now, need to look at total numbers to determine whether it was a success or not.  I'm guessing it was a success and will continue to be for the year at least.
....so you meant "someday"?  As in:Someday, if EPS is flat...someday it may go to $300?Just asking. Sorry, I'm getting grumpy again.
Yes, possibly...money flows in/out.  Makes sense.  Time value of trading is how big bucks are made, no doubt.Common sense should reveal something more like 25/17 goog/aapl.But I'll be the first to admit that share prices are anything but common sense.  Can you admit the same?
grumpy?...ahem, yes a little. :-) I'm just calling it as I see it, and don't appreciate terse posting doom/gloom (i.e. $300) based only on flat EPS this Q.Let me rephrase, money/mouth is just calling posters out who like to say something to manipulate, if that's not you, my apologies, but again, that $300 post of yours kind of deserved it?  I'm in no way saying investors should put all their money in something just because they "believe" in it. I'll un-grump myself now.
PE of 30 (goog) as opposed to 13 (aapl)?  Are you kidding me?It is indeed mystery/magic not common sense.  Especially when considering ad revenue in mobile.  Mobile devices are dramatically increasing, mobile space is then more and more valuable...where is goog's EPS in that category? Don't get me wrong, goog has lots of things going for it, I'm not a hater.  But don't tell people that 30/13 PE is common sense.  That's crazy talk.
You can think whatever you want.  Even if EPS is flat this quarter, the probability of going anywhere near $300 is very very low.  I'm thinking it's going to stay at/near $500.  And I'm putting my money where my mouth is, how about you?
To quote you: I would love to know where you get this kind of bogus info? Furthermore, you seem to assert that majority is expecting YOY sales % increases every year.  Sales % increase (by itself) is great enough, what is your reason/motive for bringing up YOY increases?  What is its relevance and how does it measure success or failure?
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