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Wrong: smart phone market is not saturated.  Please share your source. Right: Apple will monetize from their customer base...but only if it brings/returns some value to customers. Right: 3 different size phones.  We'll see that in 2014.  I'll bet anyone $100 in monopoly money that we'll see a larger (like 4.8" iPhone) in 2014.  Any takers?  :-)
You are on to something ("hidden from view")...but it also seems that Apple's DNA is so different from the other market darlings (i.e. Amazon, Google, etc. with higher P/E and share prices).  It hurts Apple's brand to either brag about the future or to throw crap against the wall and work with whatever sticks. There WILL BE opportunity in the near future for Apple to monetize on other value-added products or services such as aTV, NFC-type payments, iWatch, etc.  But it...
Wrong.  Prior to earnings release, AAPL traded around 550 which is 13.9 P/E.  How is that anywhere near investor attitude toward "hyper growth"? Would have been a different story if AAPL were at P/E of 17+....then the "lower guidance" would spook enough to shave off 8%. All of you who are trying to explain the drop in share price due to financial data (via past earnings release) are just showing your true colors (which is probably yella or green).  :-)
...you nailed it. ...it's still manipulation.And most here are not saying it's some giant conspiracy...it's the fact that big money players CAN manipulate and when the majority position sways to one side, it causes overly-dramatic price swings...especially with Apple.  Why?  Because you just said it, Cook and Oppenheimer don't (never) manage public expectations (and neither did Steve)....thereby leaving it to media and big players to MAKE UP reasons for the price...
While we all hate a race to the bottom, it appears as if it may make sense to lower the retail price...maybe by $50.  There is and has always been pricing pressure by competitors, but it's obvious that competition has heated up over the last year and if Apple wants to increase its installed base, it needs to lower price (a bit).
Your lame attempt at justifying a share price drop reflects very badly on yourself."that is all priced in..."?  As in priced into the 13 P/E?  Of course not!!  Stupid. I'm utterly stumped as to why anyone would listen to the likes of herbapou mouthing off about Apple being "bad in terms of growth". The after-hours price drop is not sane.  Just admit that you have no idea.  Go ahead and lambast Apple fans and long shareholders all you want...but don't make up stupid reasons...
Absolutely.  The goog is the #1 disrupter on the planet.  And it's worked great for them.  Not sure it's all roses for the consumers though (other than 'search').
I agree that market manipulation is somewhat an explanation.  But don't be fooled on long term strategy to range puts/calls.  There are a lot of short term strategies merely to move the stock up or down, making money both ways.  There is NEVER one market maker...unless you're a conspiracy theorist.  If so, state your conspiracy.  :-)
...and don't think an earlier deal with China Mobile would've rocketed this stock.  Apple could not have made iPhones fast enough if a CM deal was made in Fiscal Q1.  Rolling out with CM this Q was probably a deliberate target.   Supply chain management along with innovation and marketing is not an easy task.  Be thankful that Tim doesn't (& hasn't) lose sight of all this.
Short it it then...I dare you.  You won't because this is all just a lot of hot whiny air.
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