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Yes, good insight. ...people need to unwind their emotions about how lame larger format phones are.   Both of your posts are spot on, IMO.
I've been a bit disappointed with Mac sales.  And while I can see that iPad and laptops are cannibalizing Macs a bit I really thought that halo effect would've added more to bottom line Mac numbers.   I agree that iMacs should be designed not only for beauty/aesthetics but also for value (i.e. cost).  The new thin iMacs are a little over done.   But with all my smallish complaints, Apple continues to produce great desktops and they will improve demand with...
  By your logic, we can all conclude that masses of people are disappointed with their Mercedes E350 based on the number of Ford and GM pick up trucks sold and that masses of people are disappointed with their Lear jets based on the number of Boeing 747s sold?   I don't think "cannibalization" means what you think it means.   I don't think "fanboy" means what you think it means.   I don't think "logically" means what you think it means.   Maybe you say this...
It's good for the company if it is prudent leveraging of cash/assets.  If borrowing costs are low, then it makes absolute sense to leverage that debt into increased positions + less dividend payout + increased market value.   A better question to ask would be: how much cash is needed to ensure successful operations, investment and contingency?  Anything more than that should be utilized to increase company value whether it be investments or a return of investment to...
Don't get me wrong...this is all "for grins"...it's a rumour site! But just something to think about: aside from the mechanics/ergonomics what are the most important components?...hardware and software, no?!   By the way...a robot itself is not a peripheral.  Maybe it's interchangeable limbs or face plate would be considered a peripheral.   Maybe iCar first...then the AppleBot?
Robots will definitely become a more mainstream "appliance"....probably not 20 years.  More likely 30-40 years. And if you think that that's possible, then why wouldn't Apple be significantly involved? I think they will be in the Robot industry.  Just a matter of when.
I'm not sure that "incredible inventor" is the best way to describe Steve Jobs.   Though nobody at Apple is as "visionary" as Steve....but there's also such thing as too much vision...as it often blinds oneself from adapting and from seeing other people's points of views.  Steve's double-edged sword.   Tim's good, but not the visionary Steve was...are there others at Apple that can see products and consumer experiences before they happen (Steve-like)?
Yes.  Future is to be able to carry ONE OR MANY input/output appliances whether it's a 3.5", 5" or 13" screen.  Up to you. And then have a receiver/transmitter (with sim card) in your iWatch or some other tiny device so that your appliances can send/receive information...or just use your iWatch alone and use voice recognition.  Judging from this forum, that would eliminate 99% of heated debates over "too small" and "too big" screens! 
Don't blame alcohol for alcoholism.  It's a factor but not the cause.   Don't think that the entitlement mentality only exists in those with low wages.   To clarify... the consumer SHOULD desire the lowest possible price for the value they seek to obtain.  They just should NOT feel entitled to it.  And if they feel entitled, they need to see the whole picture (i.e. see it from the "producers" perspective).
What's scary is that the growing (& majority) entitlement mentality in the U.S. seems to be an obstacle to your logic. ...and that's sad.   Great point, just wish more people "get it".
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