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Dude, anyone can come on here and just repeat exactly what I said in the opposite. So while i agree that I have no crystal ball, I do rely more on probability...and on that, I stand by my position (and with my wallet).  The weaknesses that I see is not that China Mobile won't be much more of a boost, but more that supply won't be able to keep up with demand.  Anyone who thinks that all mileage is accounted for in smartphones is plainly an idiot...you decide.  Take one look...
Not a game changer in/of itself.  But add China Mobile (coming), aTV, developing markets, iTunes, laptops, iPads, software and its ridiculously low PE ratio (that could easily be justified higher) and you have yourself an $800 stock in 12 months.  If Apple increases market share with desktops and/or larger screen touch appliances...it'll further surprise wall street.
...and in unrelated news, Apple is offering $2.99 for trade-ins of Microsoft Surface RT or Surface Pro.
While I can't argue with your zingers towards TS...I don't agree with your assessment on price.  But you're open to your opinion.  Time will tell.  Just know that the consuming public isn't as particular or discriminating as you are. BTW, I think (on contract anyway) the 5c is less than the 5,  no?
Bingo!...for now anyway until the next class of competitor phones are released. But I think that's what Apple's strategy is...to help the masses see that many of the flagship competitor phones should be more aptly compared with the 5c.  That leaves the 5s as the more coveted device (and at the appropriate profit margin).  :-)
y'know something like that may actually work though not what I originally considered...esp because I'm one of those practical people who actually likes to use a holster instead of carrying it in my hands all the time (or shoving in my jeans pocket).  Adds geekiness to my "look" but oh well...thanks.
getting the 64gb gold.   looking around for cases...kind of a new one, the tavik outer edge bumper red/black 2 tone.  totally exposes front and back.  anyone know of similar to this but with an even slimmer bumper?
That champagne gold is friggin' nice. ...snarkish remark: DED should re-title to "The 25 second hands on review".
Absolutely....goes to show that a long term vision and emphasis on a quality user experience withstands the test of time.
Let me summarize all this B.S. 1 - Share price falling: if you think it's just because of the 5c pricing or some other single factor, there are many, many factors, the biggest one...big fish traders who rely on psychological/emotional reaction to news and media. 2 - Pricing of the 5c: if you think you know better (than Apple) about pricing strategies.  Instead, try to be more of a student of this game than a spoiled arrogant brat.  This is a long term strategy, one that...
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