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Because they want 80% of PC profits and because these products would be of value to consumers. It's what many consumers want and need.  Apple cares about that.
I don't think you need to go off the deep end on LBB's remarks regarding Macs.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...the majority of people don't care about quality of their PCs as much as they do with mobile devices (tablets and laptops included).  I'm not saying Apple should make cheap sh!t crap Macs...but I am saying that Apple could lower build costs in order to provide the good in the good/better/best line of all-in-ones.  This has nothing to do with catering...
There are many factors, some very good ones already discussed in this thread, but I think that the largest reason is this:   The vast majority of desktop PC users don't want to spend $1300 (and up) to do web/FB/pay bills/email/photo editing.  If Apple wanted to increase market share of PCs, they'd have to package and market a sub $700 PC setup.  Apples grabs some of that market thru $600 mac mini.   Apple already does very well in laptop PC market, so there's not too...
Here you go again with your generalized droid/goog/everything is better than Apple trolling again.  Care to explain how nexus is superior in touch latency?  If not, then get back on subject or go away.
Yes and no.  Even if production rate is not quite keeping up with demand, it's not all bad news.  Most consumers would just wait a bit longer so pent up demand would increase...resulting in stronger, sustained product flow. But my guess is that production rate is faster than the past...though again, not fast enough to meet (this years increased) launch-time demand. It's not an easy task to develop a cost effective supply chain that meets ridiculously...
Don't get me wrong, all three are elegant/classy color schemes.  I was just speculating on why there may still be gray/black 5s iPhones in stock.  Would be nice if there was one more black-schemed color option (since there are 2 white ones)...maybe a crimson or dark purple one? I'm surprised how important color is as a "feature", case in point, the 5c advertisements.
Mmmmm, yes...that shiny obsidian is a nice color for iPhone.  I prefer obsidian black to space gray as well.  Anyway, I was just commenting that that's possibly a reason for space gray to be in stock...is that customers are willing to wait for the two white versions.  Color is more important than one would think.
That's because iPhone 5 did not have that glorious gold that has so many 5s buyers waiting for!!...though probably silver is in a decent 2nd place.  Not to insult the space gray lovers, but....why?!
I would argue that many of The Google's services/offerings are intended to disrupt and to ensure majority control (i.e. acquire data &  mindshare) of the worlds computing/mobile experience.  Note that I said "many" not all.  The Google, thru betas and half-baked services, is truly good enough...good enough to hold your attention and compete with all other services.  It is not The Google's intention to give you the best possible experience, instead, its to perpetuate ad...
Hmmm...I'm able to skip songs.  But yes, pause and skip is pretty much the only form of control with iTunes Radio
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