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Wrong...should definitely be a 4-5 star rating. Maybe reviewer rated it lower on purpose trying to push more people to the 5s. For all those thinking plastic is cheap and sucks, get over it...that many (though probably not most) actually prefer plastic to metal.
Okay, I'll play your ridiculous game...AAPL is a mature company?  Hmmmm, let me ask you: where has aapl's revenue come from over the last few years?  which product lines?  Are you sure it's a mature company? Regardless, even if it were a "mature" company, where do you get the idea that it's more important to have margins?  You have it backward.  Mature companies have dominant market share (in a specific segment) resulting in steady (and usually slow) increasing...
Bingo!Anyone using maths to justify this share price drop is naive or stupid.
yes, yes, no...I can't see how margins can go up in near future (like 18 months).  Maybe slightly increase due to a lock in a new product category (like watch or tv)...but I don't see it.  But I'm all ears.
You and Sog bring up good points...EPS is a huge concern.  Don't look for margins to rise.  But look for market share to increase....it'll take time via iPhone/iPad and new products.  Maybe Sog's point is that Apple cannot afford to reduce GM (i.e. status quo is good).  If market share declines, watch out below.  I hate to say it, but as long as goog and amzn stay the course, willing to lose money in order to maintain services/ads, Apple is in unstable territory having to...
There's irony in that Android (for next 5-10 yrs anyway) WILL be around in at least moderate force (i.e. a "win"), but looks like iOS is winning in usability/web use/etc.  What does that mean?  It  means that for all Google is investing in Android and "winning" in marketshare, its mobile search/ad is losing.  Google is known as a search/ad MACHINE!  This year and next year will prove that goog's machine is stagnating in mobile space.  This is big because mobile is gaining...
Yes... you and I know that...but thought I'd note to preclude doomsayers who will try to use this FUD to tear Apple down.
Yes, that's actually the bigger story than the hardware launches.  I would think this shift to free OSX/iWork/iLife upgrades will result in a small hit to earnings this quarter, the only thing that will prop it up is increased units sold (hardware).  However, I'm sure most analysts see this as an intelligent long term decision.  Shoring up the ecosystem will increase units sold and retention.  And let's not forget that revenue is not only from hardware but also from iTunes...
Then don't get the leather case/cover....get the $39 cover.
With iLife FREE with purchase of iOS...very few will want to buy anything but an iPad.
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