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Your sentiment is actually quite common...many sitting on the fence (having to balance cost and desire) feel that way and have that love/hate with Apple products.  I think that the masses will see differentiation between 5s and 5c.  As for you, enjoy your 5s and never look back. My guess is that more will opt for the 5s than many here think.  The 5c will be reserved for those who are truly budget conscious, want a more rugged device or just love the colors without having...
"no volume"?  So when they sell millions in a weekend, will that make you less right?"lose market shares"?  If you're talking about bottom of the barrel "smart phones" then yes, they'll lose market share.  Fortunately for Apple, all your wonderful words of wisdom makes no difference when they sell every single iPhone they make as fast as they can make it.
With the photo tech they have, Apple could wipe out gopro in an instant...just gotta package an iPod version of the 5s with 187 waterproof and assorted accessories.
I'm all for that...just curious for what the poster and others have to say.I'm one of those that is concerned with dilution/confusion if 5c is in US. Edit: and as always thanks for your incredible insight, TS.
Why do you think the 5c will not be available/announced in the U.S. on 9/10?
Haha you funny guy!Come on, you can do better than that.
I'm going to have to go with Rogifan on this one.  For this year anyway, NO WAY that the 5s will be delayed until Spring.   For future years, I agree that the general PUBLIC PREFERS new models more frequently than once/year.   But still, the (rumored) 5c and 5s in requiring the full iOS platform presupposes that the hardware is perfectly aligned with software releases.  And I think that the coordination of hardware with iOS releases in the past has been almost...
Yes, an issue for the corporation for sure.   But bet on iOS7 and iPhones only on Sep 10.  I'd be surprised if anything else muddies the event.   ...I think folks don't realize the immense drive/focus this all takes from each person in the company, including Tim Cook.
If you meant "rumoured" that would be a clearer way to put it. But by reading your other posts and your response to mine, I'm done with you.  Ignore.
could you clarify what you mean by "imaginary"?
New Posts  All Forums: