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Yes, possibly...money flows in/out.  Makes sense.  Time value of trading is how big bucks are made, no doubt.Common sense should reveal something more like 25/17 goog/aapl.But I'll be the first to admit that share prices are anything but common sense.  Can you admit the same?
grumpy?...ahem, yes a little. :-) I'm just calling it as I see it, and don't appreciate terse posting doom/gloom (i.e. $300) based only on flat EPS this Q.Let me rephrase, money/mouth is just calling posters out who like to say something to manipulate, if that's not you, my apologies, but again, that $300 post of yours kind of deserved it?  I'm in no way saying investors should put all their money in something just because they "believe" in it. I'll un-grump myself now.
PE of 30 (goog) as opposed to 13 (aapl)?  Are you kidding me?It is indeed mystery/magic not common sense.  Especially when considering ad revenue in mobile.  Mobile devices are dramatically increasing, mobile space is then more and more valuable...where is goog's EPS in that category? Don't get me wrong, goog has lots of things going for it, I'm not a hater.  But don't tell people that 30/13 PE is common sense.  That's crazy talk.
You can think whatever you want.  Even if EPS is flat this quarter, the probability of going anywhere near $300 is very very low.  I'm thinking it's going to stay at/near $500.  And I'm putting my money where my mouth is, how about you?
To quote you: I would love to know where you get this kind of bogus info? Furthermore, you seem to assert that majority is expecting YOY sales % increases every year.  Sales % increase (by itself) is great enough, what is your reason/motive for bringing up YOY increases?  What is its relevance and how does it measure success or failure?
Those are VERY real concerns, especially the cannibalization concerns.  But you seem to be too stuck on the technical problems and not looking at possible solutions nor are you looking at the larger problem.   The larger problem is that Apple is NOT satisfied with PC marketshare.  So what would be possible solutions.  And I think that a lower cost iMac is a very real solution (resulting in R&D looking into ways to cut costs, provide enough computing power, while...
Because they want 80% of PC profits and because these products would be of value to consumers. It's what many consumers want and need.  Apple cares about that.
I don't think you need to go off the deep end on LBB's remarks regarding Macs.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...the majority of people don't care about quality of their PCs as much as they do with mobile devices (tablets and laptops included).  I'm not saying Apple should make cheap sh!t crap Macs...but I am saying that Apple could lower build costs in order to provide the good in the good/better/best line of all-in-ones.  This has nothing to do with catering...
There are many factors, some very good ones already discussed in this thread, but I think that the largest reason is this:   The vast majority of desktop PC users don't want to spend $1300 (and up) to do web/FB/pay bills/email/photo editing.  If Apple wanted to increase market share of PCs, they'd have to package and market a sub $700 PC setup.  Apples grabs some of that market thru $600 mac mini.   Apple already does very well in laptop PC market, so there's not too...
Here you go again with your generalized droid/goog/everything is better than Apple trolling again.  Care to explain how nexus is superior in touch latency?  If not, then get back on subject or go away.
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