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...also impacting stock: - market analysts believe projections _________________(meeting/not meeting/surpassing) expectations.- the ________________(defective/supply challenge/lack of demand of) component is _______________(questionable/inferior/phenomenal).- the price of _______________(oil/gold/US dollar) is ________________(down/up).- Release of new ________________(Apple TV/iPhone/Apple Car) will be _________________(delayed/ahead of schedule).- Europe is...
Uh, ok. So we agree then? The article's point has nothing to do with being a more competent parent. Hate to be rude, but your reasoning is weirder. But seriously... being distracted by technology is a challenge for many in the developed world.For many, having a minimalist display (i.e. Apple Watch) is BETTER than having to pull out an iPhone/iPad.
Feature Phones?...yes, though not sure how to define "many". Interestingly, if Apple threw a sim card into the Appe Watch...PRESTO...a (wonderful) feature phone appears!...remove the band, attach some cool protective cover, bring the price down to $200. Would be great for consumers but probably not great for Apple shareholders.
Whoah, hold on there cowboy. Don't think "insane" or "incompetent parenting" is anywhere near necessary. The subtleties mentioned are indeed part of the equation.And I think that's what many will experience as they use the watch more often. The author did not infer that the watch has immediately made him a more competent parent....just sharing value in one of those instances. Mellow out.
Give specific substantive comments (and their sources) relevant to A. Ahrendts.Ready, set, go. I just hear whining: "Angela isn't giving me my watch on Friday!"
I still don't see how Apple was dishonest, displayed lack of integrity, insincere and unkind to you or anyone else on the Apple Watch "tragedy".  It's comments like this (from you) that elicits harsh responses.
It was actually more in fun than to be mean.For that I sincerely apologize. But really, not sure what response you expect. I will ask just one thing and then I'll genuinely listen (and won't respond)...what would make all customers like you, happy? And if you say that Apple should have waited until everyone could have one before making it available, then expect more sarcasm/rude comments from others.
For the last time...anyone who is upset that the watch is delivering Apr 24- May 8, 2015 just because Apple ANNOUNCED a yet-to-be-manufactured-totally-new-technology back in 2014, has all of life's priorities f'd up. OMG, it wasn't until January that it was clarified to be April??!!??   /s ...here endeth the thread.
I see, you're the same type of "human being" who complains when a certain store item is not on the Walmart shelf when in fact you knew there was more demand than stock available?  Did it matter that Walmart publicly advertised that item?  No. Did Walmart tell you personally that that item was indeed available and waiting just for you on a shelf marked, "DamonF"? Did Apple send you or owe you a personal note ensuring your watch would also be waiting for you on the shelf...
New Posts  All Forums: