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I was just reaching for humor....mostly because this message thread lacks a premise, especially when it is based on a sound bite in which J.Bush didn't say anything about replacing ACA with the Apple Watch... he said that in 5 years, a device (like the one he's wearing) will be able to provide a lot of people with an amazing amount of personal choices & responsibility of their own health. And that ACA should be repealed and should instead provide more choices for the...
I'm still not for replacing ACA with Apple Watches. You do know that ACA covers those less privileged, the poor, those that need our help, right?! Wait...what?...the Federal Gov't will subsidize my Apple Watch? So I can get the Apple Watch for "free"? F-ck ACA, give me the Apple Watch.
Appreciate the tips.But isn't it strange that the messages remain in the Drafts folder even after I send the message?I mean, in some instances, it only took 5 minutes between the time I composed it and sent it, yet the message is still in the Drafts folder.
No. Not anything I know of.
...get 2 of 'em.One to track you.One to track the other drone. :-)
....and it's getting better...to which many are thankful for. I still think that the integration between g00gle and Apple has been compromised because of the business relationship between the two...and the consumer has suffered (in our 1st world sort of ways).
- Mail doesn't send, connection fails (about 1x/2 weeks).- saves email in "Drafts" folder quite randomly.- search (using "Sort by") is very clumsy. Should be able to conveniently go to top or bottom and also type characters to go to specific emails in that sorted list (e.g. typing a "c" should jump the highlighted email to the first email in the names starting with the letter c).- message threads are not just clumsy but they are improperly consolidated. ...weird things...
Depends...I can see offering a 5S (which is a 4" phone) with A8 chip maybe? I guess that would be considered "new" or at least upgraded. I don't think that BOTH a plastic model (like the 5C or 6C) and the 5S would be available...maybe only one of those?...and the 5S is just a much better/nicer phone. With Apple Watch, I have to think that many might just want a smaller/cheaper phone along with an Apple Watch. Am I right? Yes, I'm right. :-)
I agree......but a valid point (though off topic) is that I have a horrid time using OS X mail application using Gmail accounts. What's up with that? We shouldn't invalidate the desire for many to want to integrate gmail (& assoc. features) into our Apple devices.
...this tells the tale!...of what's to come. And the masses are growing tired of advertisements:- taking up display real estate- distracting our eyeballs- wasting data bits (esp. mobile) I can see why sites like duckduckgo are gaining traction.
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