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Sometimes you're overly passionate and go a bit off the deep end...but love the Tim/Troll perspective. Keep that up. Funny. Classic!
I should have waited as well...not that I was too busy, but because Apple Music platform is still a muddy MESS. And while probably still one the best interfaces, IMO, I still can't find the music I'm looking for without fumbling around. But FWIW, it didn't mess up my original iTunes Match playlists. YMMV.
Elaborate...not sure what you're trying to say here. Why is it "just me". I'm saying that grkm3 plagiarized. No citation, no reference...took it as his own.
Woah there pal...is it me or did someone just transform from a jabbering idiot to an eloquent patent expert?
 Obviously I'm not saying that "small guys" don't make money trading AAPL, I'm speaking in general terms. And on the flip side, there are lots of "big guys" who get burned and get their asses kicked off wall street. By the way, I also know a "lot" of small guys who won money in Las Vegas. What can we surmise from that statement?
Yes and no. It's down because of heavy manipulation and opportunism to depress share prices...why?...so that heavy hitters could sell at a "high" AND then buy it back at the "low". You better believe that big money will buy it right back up (before it hits some ridiculous low, like 90)...sending the stock higher again. Money is being made both ways. Rinse and repeat...but not for us small guys.
Yes!a thoughtful and accurate meme. And the Millennials will grasp the value of an Apple Watch, it'll take some time....and I hope soon, since they spend too much time flicking thru IG and SC on their phones.
Improvements to Mail is much needed and will help Mac gain traction as the over 30 crowd who use email for business and pleasure would gain from this. And with better search capabilities integrated with Mail, it'll get even better. There a lot of things I don't like about Outlook, but there are elements to reuse, like the ease of sorting/filtering lists of emails and even more stable in some ways (like Mail's quirky behaviors: showing only partial message when replying,...
While there are some here who have zero need for street view, I think we can all agree that there are large numbers of people who do enjoy street view. A view from the street is the best perspective for us humans. Flyover meets only some of our desires. But as I mentioned before, we need to stop thinking that the street view future is but just more digital camera shots. I'm telling you, with LIDAR/orthophoto/GPS/Aerial technology we're less than 2 years from every road...
Well, yes and no.It will not be for sale, but I believe new Apple TV will be announced, both hardware and software.
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