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- Mail doesn't send, connection fails (about 1x/2 weeks).- saves email in "Drafts" folder quite randomly.- search (using "Sort by") is very clumsy. Should be able to conveniently go to top or bottom and also type characters to go to specific emails in that sorted list (e.g. typing a "c" should jump the highlighted email to the first email in the names starting with the letter c).- message threads are not just clumsy but they are improperly consolidated. ...weird things...
Depends...I can see offering a 5S (which is a 4" phone) with A8 chip maybe? I guess that would be considered "new" or at least upgraded. I don't think that BOTH a plastic model (like the 5C or 6C) and the 5S would be available...maybe only one of those?...and the 5S is just a much better/nicer phone. With Apple Watch, I have to think that many might just want a smaller/cheaper phone along with an Apple Watch. Am I right? Yes, I'm right. :-)
I agree......but a valid point (though off topic) is that I have a horrid time using OS X mail application using Gmail accounts. What's up with that? We shouldn't invalidate the desire for many to want to integrate gmail (& assoc. features) into our Apple devices.
...this tells the tale!...of what's to come. And the masses are growing tired of advertisements:- taking up display real estate- distracting our eyeballs- wasting data bits (esp. mobile) I can see why sites like duckduckgo are gaining traction.
I agree....I was being facetious.But in reality, should we even have been at $125 yesterday?I'm not fixated on stock price, really I'm not. But I'm sure there will be spin/FUD on the new iPad "Pro"....probably something to do with Mac sales down (in the future).
Prediction, 12 months after new iPad Pro is launched:   Mac sales YOY increase will be down, "Apple is doomed unless Macs are revived!" scream a few, "20M Apple watches being sold was a failure!" scream the others, share price back down to $130 ...meanwhile... the company amasses $300B in cash, increases dividend, buys back shares of its own company, PE is at 7.5 and becomes the no.1 environmentally friendly corporation on earth.   How can something be so sad yet...
...also impacting stock: - market analysts believe projections _________________(meeting/not meeting/surpassing) expectations.- the ________________(defective/supply challenge/lack of demand of) component is _______________(questionable/inferior/phenomenal).- the price of _______________(oil/gold/US dollar) is ________________(down/up).- Release of new ________________(Apple TV/iPhone/Apple Car) will be _________________(delayed/ahead of schedule).- Europe is...
Uh, ok. So we agree then? The article's point has nothing to do with being a more competent parent. Hate to be rude, but your reasoning is weirder. But seriously... being distracted by technology is a challenge for many in the developed world.For many, having a minimalist display (i.e. Apple Watch) is BETTER than having to pull out an iPhone/iPad.
Feature Phones?...yes, though not sure how to define "many". Interestingly, if Apple threw a sim card into the Appe Watch...PRESTO...a (wonderful) feature phone appears!...remove the band, attach some cool protective cover, bring the price down to $200. Would be great for consumers but probably not great for Apple shareholders.
Whoah, hold on there cowboy. Don't think "insane" or "incompetent parenting" is anywhere near necessary. The subtleties mentioned are indeed part of the equation.And I think that's what many will experience as they use the watch more often. The author did not infer that the watch has immediately made him a more competent parent....just sharing value in one of those instances. Mellow out.
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