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I think the ethical and probably acceptable option would for Apple Ireland to "sell" products to Apple Australia at prices to result in a reasonable (re-sale) profit for Apple Australia...that way, Apple Australia would pay more in corporate taxes  to Australian gov't. As it is now, I believe Apple Ireland sells products to Apple Australia at an inflated price?
Let me get this straight:Australia has "cleverly written" laws  that find parties "guilty of the crime" even if it is shown that they "acted within the law". Unless Australia has access to three pre-cogs hooked up in a pool somewhere I have a hard time believing in your interpretation of Australian law.  :-)
Still...2 different situations entirely.#1: I'm found dead off the side of a cliff.  My wife (spotted at the scene of the crime) had divorce papers based on me cheating not to mention my multi-million dollar life insurance policy.#2: I'm found dead off the side of a cliff.  My mom (spotted at the scene of the crime) was there to meet me for lunch. Clearly, in the eyes of a judge/jury...2 very different situations...even IF both may have been an "accident". Edit: I do get...
You know, I cry for you every time I read your posts... like I did every time Hachi the dog returned to the train station waiting for his master.  But after the 4th or 5th time, I just had to turn the movie off...too pathetic.  really.
Actually, most believers of the Bible calculate the age of the Earth to be 6,000 x 1,000 x 365 (extracted from wording that a thousand years is one day...I'm not even sure what the basis is on a "year" or a "day").  You have to admit though that every single theory on the creation of earth and animals is an incredible, almost mythical story.  And buying into any one of them requires a tremendous amount of FAITH. 
Get off your high horse and respect those with religion, windows and android...no need to pity them, Mr. High-n-Almighty.
This is very short-sighted, the comparisons are certainly not silly. Just take one look at the graph and you'll immediately see that iOS (as a mobile computing platform) has grown immensely. Is it NOT obvious from these and many other indicators that in 3-5 years, mobile (phone-like) devices WILL replace a LARGE number of desktop PCs?!...albeit with mobile devices gaining power/speed/efficiency. Also, I'm SURE there are a significant number of people who already use their...
From 2013 Q2 Conference Call (April 2013)... Q: you alluded to fall announcements of products. Does that indicate there are no substantial new products until September? Tim Cook: I don't want to be more specific, but I'm just saying we've got some really great stuff coming in the fall and across all of 2014.
Bigger screens are coming....but a new category like iWatch would be additive (in both profit and platform usage).  I just don't see how an iWatch could be bought and used by itself (in the near future anyway). Re: "other markets".  Apple has SO MUCH potential to monetize its ridiculous.  Whether its content/streaming, data access, payment transactions, advertising, search, software, etc....I am convinced they discuss these things on a daily basis.  Just a matter of time...
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