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Give specific substantive comments (and their sources) relevant to A. Ahrendts.Ready, set, go. I just hear whining: "Angela isn't giving me my watch on Friday!"
I still don't see how Apple was dishonest, displayed lack of integrity, insincere and unkind to you or anyone else on the Apple Watch "tragedy".  It's comments like this (from you) that elicits harsh responses.
It was actually more in fun than to be mean.For that I sincerely apologize. But really, not sure what response you expect. I will ask just one thing and then I'll genuinely listen (and won't respond)...what would make all customers like you, happy? And if you say that Apple should have waited until everyone could have one before making it available, then expect more sarcasm/rude comments from others.
For the last time...anyone who is upset that the watch is delivering Apr 24- May 8, 2015 just because Apple ANNOUNCED a yet-to-be-manufactured-totally-new-technology back in 2014, has all of life's priorities f'd up. OMG, it wasn't until January that it was clarified to be April??!!??   /s ...here endeth the thread.
I see, you're the same type of "human being" who complains when a certain store item is not on the Walmart shelf when in fact you knew there was more demand than stock available?  Did it matter that Walmart publicly advertised that item?  No. Did Walmart tell you personally that that item was indeed available and waiting just for you on a shelf marked, "DamonF"? Did Apple send you or owe you a personal note ensuring your watch would also be waiting for you on the shelf...
I think we all need to agree that this is new and unchartered territory. To all of the complainers on this board...stop with the "sense-of-entitlement" philosophy. I understand you (and I) are paying customers, but everyone knew that supply would be limited and demand would be high. And who cares that Tim Cook announced in Jan that the watch should come in early 2015...WHO ARE YOU to feel any sense of entitlement based on his estimated release date? This...
I'm guessing about 70 - 80 years or so.
 When you already have a great phone like the 5S it's not really urgent to upgrade... because the distraction of gazing at a brand new Apple Watch fills that empty space in your heart. :-) Funny. But I think true.
I think most don't realize that profit from selling aWatches is actually not as important as Apple continuing to grow its mindshare, brand and ecosystem.   Because along with customer satisfaction numbers (which are great), Apple secures itself as THE platform to buy into, live with...and die with.   To die with?...Apple has in its hands the hardware/software platform of the century. Many will literally die with an Apple device in our pocket, around our wrist or on...
New Posts  All Forums: