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From 2013 Q2 Conference Call (April 2013)... Q: you alluded to fall announcements of products. Does that indicate there are no substantial new products until September? Tim Cook: I don't want to be more specific, but I'm just saying we've got some really great stuff coming in the fall and across all of 2014.
Bigger screens are coming....but a new category like iWatch would be additive (in both profit and platform usage).  I just don't see how an iWatch could be bought and used by itself (in the near future anyway). Re: "other markets".  Apple has SO MUCH potential to monetize its ridiculous.  Whether its content/streaming, data access, payment transactions, advertising, search, software, etc....I am convinced they discuss these things on a daily basis.  Just a matter of time...
 Before blurting out things take a moment to ask yourself, "Is my opinion the only opinion?"...but I have a funny feeling that your answer is always, "yes".
You have to admit....the analogy with Gucci purses and the services that interact with purses seems a little shaky/wobbly/drunken. :-)
Yep, I've been pounding this message for awhile now.  And add to that a larger cash/asset horde that AAPL has. AAPL is priced as a VALUE stock...so why, oh why does the stock drop because the voracious appetite of earnings GROWTH are not met in guidance?!  I'm not upset, just baffled by all the ridiculousness of posters who fan the flames that AAPL's low share price is actually justified.
Not sure what to take away from your comment...not enough info.I'm NOT saying Apple should enter the cheap POS category.I mentioned Apple should drop 5c price BY $50 (not to $50). 
My take is that there was a time (like the last 6 years) that none of the above were problems because Apple was on top of the world...i.e. they sold every iPod, then every iPhone, then every iPad they could possibly make...with high profit margins.  But today, the trend is looking a little different.  iPhone and iPad competition is stiff and margins are lower. In a nutshell, you're right...NOW is the time for a LITTLE desperation on Apple's part...it's necessary.  And we...
Yes.  And that's partly the need for the boatload of cash. For those criticizing the stock pile of cash need to realize the significance of being cash strong in a competitive environment.  A cash horde intimidates any competitor looking to make desperate moves/inroads into your revenue stream, provides potential to buy out any tech/company, and allows for major disruption (even at a loss).  Apple may not have the "monopoly" that amazon and google has, but its cash horde...
Sounds like a good choice for you.  From your recent posts, I can feel your frustration like you don't have the stomach for the ride ahead.  Too bad, because when you look at it objectively you'll be hard pressed to find a stock at this price, at this P/E (and don't forget to minus cash), at this EPS and with a platform so massive and with so much potential.  For your sake, I hope you at least keep a few shares. If you wait for the next big thing, you'd have missed the...
Wrong: smart phone market is not saturated.  Please share your source. Right: Apple will monetize from their customer base...but only if it brings/returns some value to customers. Right: 3 different size phones.  We'll see that in 2014.  I'll bet anyone $100 in monopoly money that we'll see a larger (like 4.8" iPhone) in 2014.  Any takers?  :-)
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