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On the contrary...while Daniel's  piece is full of opinion, it still enlightens many who should be concerned with this topic and with Lyons. There aren't any facts to discredit Daniel's assertions. We should be critical of both sides and rightfully so. If anything, you as a truth-seeker should encourage AI to author more of these contentious issues.
Yes, artificially pushing stock up/down is part of the definition but also it's important to question whether or not any "one group" CAN sell or buy to influence the stock is also a factor in that definition. One cannot manipulate if they cannot pragmatically influence. I don't think the drop from $700 was manipulation. Instead it was a combination of: quick rise to $700, revenue growth numbers and a little FUD from the media which made it ripe for shorts and those just...
There were indeed moments in time (before and during the iPhone launch) when many were critical/suspect of the iPhone's immediate ability to be a success. Just because the future proved it a positive revolution does not belie that fact. Your statement is ridiculous, not Tim Cooks. So give us a few examples of Slurpy's mindless drivel. OTOH you given us more examples of drivel and misinformation than any of us deserve. Which reminds me to block you...right about...now.
Hey sunshine...no screen, eh? Further evidence as to how disconnected you are with reality and with the masses. It's been entertaining, but now tiring...another added to the blocked list.
Sog, glad you're doing good on the swings, but I think most would agree with Anantks that this is not considered manipulation but simply cyclical trading (similar to ex-div dates). I know it's much more complicated than that and again, cheers to you for doing well with AAPL. I will be the first to admit that I've never figured out some of the crazy drops in share price...could be manipulation of sorts. Awhile ago, many of us at TMO forum (now defunct) were pulling hairs on...
You have a point, but for many, broadband is still slow and some areas with data caps/limits.For these situations, you can agree that downloading the content first is more practical and efficient.Also, realize that some HD content is data intensive... versus the Netflix level of [low] quality.I agree it's up to argument.
So...   - What will happen to existing Apple TV? Discontinued this year? Still offered as a lower tier device? I say the latter. - Will there be a new Apple TV this year? Will it have DVR capability as an option? I say yes to both. - Will broadband providers revise their plans to more strictly cap data speed/amount, i.e. complicate with pricing tiers? Probably yes.
Ok, to this I see where you're going and most would agree.
Yes! I think the typical consumer will simply ask themselves the all important question before purchasing the aWatch:How long will my aWatch be relevant in this high tech/fast paced world? For that reason, I'm anticipating that sales will be tempered until real life reviews answers this question...which will lead to higher sales but not phenomenal... until it evolves to 2nd generation and the masses are more comfortable/confident with how long their watch will be...
BF/Phish, my advice (or waste of electrons):Before clicking on "submit" read it and ask if your post has enough objectivity or full of FUD? You sound like Constable Odo in his worst days. Sorry, Odo,. Until that time, you can't be taken seriously.  
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