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So...   - What will happen to existing Apple TV? Discontinued this year? Still offered as a lower tier device? I say the latter. - Will there be a new Apple TV this year? Will it have DVR capability as an option? I say yes to both. - Will broadband providers revise their plans to more strictly cap data speed/amount, i.e. complicate with pricing tiers? Probably yes.
Ok, to this I see where you're going and most would agree.
Yes! I think the typical consumer will simply ask themselves the all important question before purchasing the aWatch:How long will my aWatch be relevant in this high tech/fast paced world? For that reason, I'm anticipating that sales will be tempered until real life reviews answers this question...which will lead to higher sales but not phenomenal... until it evolves to 2nd generation and the masses are more comfortable/confident with how long their watch will be...
BF/Phish, my advice (or waste of electrons):Before clicking on "submit" read it and ask if your post has enough objectivity or full of FUD? You sound like Constable Odo in his worst days. Sorry, Odo,. Until that time, you can't be taken seriously.  
"functional" bands...yes!!
May be sooner when battery problem is solved.Can't see any other company being able to leverage battery efficiencies better than Apple...maybe 2 years. ...still, most will want a screen larger than 1.5" anyway. Siri interaction (and eye strain) only goes so far....and longer (self-assured) battery life for voice calls will still be important...hence carrying an iPhone 99.5% of the time regardless.  Because REALLY, the iPhone isn't that big (yes, I'm FINE with the 4.0" or...
Yes.  And I just don't get why so many are so obstinate about this having to be a pass/fail product launch. ...can't we just agree that the VAST MAJORITY will have to warm up to the concept of a 'puterized-watch-thingy...and like all other product launches, the product itself will evolve?!?!
a. Your stock analysis sucks. revenue/yr (and more importantly, earnings) forecasted higher...then again you probably know more than the other off-street analysts. Yes, I don't just count on street analysts.  And even if flat earnings... isn't all bad. You're forgetting p&s's of growth. instead you should ask yourself the question: where will competition "steal" from?... or are you saying that the world will just stop buying computers/appliances?   b. Watch will not "crap...
To mediate further, seems like this debate started with "...if you afford...".  Seems like you and JM agree on this.  As do I.If they can't afford it...well...refer to JM's 'stupidest scenario'  remark.
I'm with JM on this. I don't think he's saying that zero middle-class families buy those expensive luxuries, he's insinuating that the vast majority do not. And I think that's on target. There will be very few exceptions of middle-class even considering the $5,000 aWatch...the vast majority considering it will be the affluent (who can afford these extravagant items)...and those same people will just as much consider a $10,000 aWatch if quality and desire-factor is there. I...
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