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You are out of touch with reality. I would definitely say that LESS THAN 10% of time spent on a computer (by the masses) requires autocad/excel/intensive doc editing/etc.  i think you're too fixated on the work/industrial aspects of computer usage.  And don't forget that a larger screen iPad will probably come soon.
Yes...definitely one way to look at it.laptop/shmaptop. iPad/sHmipad. In a few years, these are merely different forms of screen sizes/input methods.Apple cares little that one form makes way for another form. And yes, some day, history books will use Apple as THE example for the "halo effect".
Well, yes and no.  Many here have intelligently discussed the massive potential of blurring the lines between mobile and desktop computing...this would be good for consumers.  If you think about it, the iPad is an inexpensive laptop yet has the computing power to do almost all of what 80% of the population wants.  However, when doing a bit more serious typing, calcs, editing, etc., it's best if the screen were vertical and the interface(s) handled ergonomically (e.g....
...yes.  Will wind down or reduce share repurchase.  I hope the total amount of dividends are not increased (i.e. div/sh will increase but without spending a nickel more).   This is not true for many large dealerships.  Not sure why, but maybe because the dealership is given large incentives by the manufacturer's finance arms to process loans (rather than to take all cash)?  I'm surprised myself but seems that cash is not quite king at dealerships.
This site hijacked my Safari: https://softwareupdaterlp.com Three times while on appleinsider.   What is up Appleinsider?
Wow, now that's a confusing title. :-)
I see your point, but there is always value in the more granular stats.  I would agree that the computing landscape is forever changed and seems we are starting to see a "blurring" between many product lines. At this point, there is no screen format/size that is "taboo".  I'm one of the lame ones (yes, I admit it's a little lame) who said a "flip phone" could be a viable & useful Apple product.  And while I'm sure Apple does not want to dilute or confuse product offerings,...
I was suspect myself after hearing similar concerns...however, I installed mine 4 weeks ago and auto-unlock works flawlessly. YMMV.  however, I do recall reading that you need to travel a "considerable" distance away.  maybe an app update solved it?
 Much of iMessage and the way it is used by the masses is indeed confusing and Apple needs to do better at educating (and improving on) iMessage.  I don't think a class action lawsuit is necessary however this is what happens when Apple does not do a good job at responding quickly to issues. I and at least 5 other people I know personally were caught off guard when people (typically family members) who share iCloud accounts with family members' new devices suddenly see...
So true...but do realize that the straps and emoticons are important but were easily resolved.More importantly, the Japanese tend to value EFFICIENT use of size/functions not to mention quality hence they don't just get suckered into cheap and big. A slight correction...Japanese people have money issues (as much as Americans do, anyway), but they value quality and are willing to spend more of their disposable income on high quality phones and cars instead of throwing good...
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