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This will be interesting to see play out over the next few years....and I'm guessing that Samsung and the "cheap" Chinese knock off smart phone companies could not care less about Goog.
Point taken. It just baffles me that some are so concerned/angry about the cost but don't do simple math by looking at the total cost of ownership. I'm of the opinion that anyone who wants to post a price comparison should be REQUIRED to include the market's resale value of each device... it's as important as the device's features, convenience, and platform because along with resale value, it all adds up to the WORTH of the device.
...yes, it's all about the TRUE cost of ownership no matter what country and no matter if it's with subsidy or not. So to complete this discussion, anyone who is trying to compare prices should also compare resale value as well. I want to laugh when I hear AT&T salespeople say that the Samsung and Apple are the same.  Not withstanding the features/platform, salespeople should at least come clean about resale value.
I think that could be a good thing...wouldn't it be a positive for new iPhone to be released first (Summer), have the new iOS tested by developers and then have new iOS released in the Fall?
Refactor what? Apple may be forced to reduce GM, may go from 35% to 25% someday. Amazon is already at zero profit and can't go much lower. If anything, Amazon will raise margins in the future (e.g. Prime going from $79 to $99).  You're waaaay off if you think Apple will go down to <10% GM.
Margins for Apple will drop, but not to <10%...maybe to more like 25%.Don't forget that computing devices continue to evolve, and with it, the need for higher margin/higher quality devices.Apple will never get down to the <10% GM level.
Maybe, maybe not.  I do agree that Amazon has a stronger ecosystem than Samsung which makes Amazon a sort of a competitor for Apple.  However, Apple and Amazon are still very different companies and Apple may realize that there is room for both, a content company (Amazon - books/products/sales medium/music/movies) and a hardware company (Apple).  Interestingly and quite ironically, I think that Amazon is more a competitor of Samsung.
Good of you to admit, but you know and I know, that non-experts often have the most common sense/valuable approaches. :-) Absolutely.  And this an important year for Apple.  If Tim/Apple don't deliver in 2014, Tim's head will be fair game. Personally, I'm not desiring this, but that's how the corporate game is typically played. I'm still under the impression that sitting on a ridiculously large pile of cash was probably not the right thing to do either, so increased...
Hey....aren't you the same guy who said the same thing about the iPad Mini?!?!No need to answer.
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