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Are you just throwing me in the pile of "people been saying" as if to dismiss the importance of a larger screen iPhone in 2014? Yes.  I've heard it many many times as well.  Last year, I thought/said it needs to come soon, but not necessarily in 2013.  And I wasn't at all disappointed that a larger screen iPhone did not come out in 2013.  I AM saying it this year. What do you think insofar as launching a larger screen iPhone in 2014 and its related effects to sales growth...
I think we're seeing (now and in the future) Android/Samsung's vast ideas and product launches as a TEST bed for potential successful implementation. NOTHING is wrong with Apple proactively learning from the environment (i.e. Android/Samsung), taking the best ideas and then improving them.  Why make millions when you can make billions?!  :-) Don't forget that both the iPod and the iPhone were merely ideas and products that already existed in some form (beta or otherwise)....
What nonsense specifically are referring to?...increased dividends?  Share buybacks?  Or just the fact that Tim went to dinner with Carl?  I think all of you that spout these things off are over reacting.  From a pure financial perspective, Apple is doing the prudent thing with dividends and buybacks...it's arguable if you have information that we don't have such as future investment/M&A, but other than that, it makes zero sense to sit on that much cash.  Tim has dinner...
Only thing you left out was, "rinse and repeat". :-)But it's not just the shorts, it's also those that move in and out of Apple (and Company X, whose prices move inversely to Apple).  This game will continue to be played as long as there's money to be had. But above, you'll see Macnewsjunkie's rational analysis as to why AAPL will continue to move up in the long term, to which I agree.
...in addition to delay of the 5.5" iPhone, supply chain checks show that iPhone 19p will also be delayed due to waning supply of sarium krellide crystals needed to store energy for its phaser.   
 Yes, except I don't think Apple will launch 5.5" this year.  Maybe 2015.4.7" yes.  5.5" no.
 Oh poor Hachi, please stop.  Please, please, please.  Let it go.  STOP returning to the train station, I just can't take it!
I think the ethical and probably acceptable option would for Apple Ireland to "sell" products to Apple Australia at prices to result in a reasonable (re-sale) profit for Apple Australia...that way, Apple Australia would pay more in corporate taxes  to Australian gov't. As it is now, I believe Apple Ireland sells products to Apple Australia at an inflated price?
Let me get this straight:Australia has "cleverly written" laws  that find parties "guilty of the crime" even if it is shown that they "acted within the law". Unless Australia has access to three pre-cogs hooked up in a pool somewhere I have a hard time believing in your interpretation of Australian law.  :-)
Still...2 different situations entirely.#1: I'm found dead off the side of a cliff.  My wife (spotted at the scene of the crime) had divorce papers based on me cheating not to mention my multi-million dollar life insurance policy.#2: I'm found dead off the side of a cliff.  My mom (spotted at the scene of the crime) was there to meet me for lunch. Clearly, in the eyes of a judge/jury...2 very different situations...even IF both may have been an "accident". Edit: I do get...
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