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It's called cherry-picking data/info in order to make his point.In any, case I don't think anyone is arguing that Apple has underperformed the market recently.But the most important point is not past performance, but future performance - time will tell.One more thing he forgot to mention was that Apple started dividends in 2012...therefore adding cash to those existing shareholders.
 You've made a lot of good and objective points none of which I disagree with. And as you mentioned, there are a few design changes that could be made (e.g. accessibility options, moving the volume switch down a bit, etc.) that could help. I just think we shouldn't throw out the baby with the bath water...as I'm sure that's what Apple is doing...balancing what consumers really want/need. Anecdotally, it really seems that a larger screen (4.7") is out weighing one-handed...
Well said, except that I'm guessing a tad bit higher on all your numbers.  $10.30 earnings.
It took you awhile to realize it...don't forget that "block" is a very useful feature. :-) He (and others) will say what they did when the iPad Mini was introduced...pretty much nothing. Don't think that they think like you. I'm 100% against Apple catering to every tom/dick/harry but i believe...that a variety of display sizes is a necessary and valuable evolution of the mobile computing space (like the iPad Mini proved and the 4.7" iPhone will prove).
 At the mall, I noticed that more people use 2 hands than 1 hand. Seems like the youngest use 1 handed the most, probably casual social media use. Bottom line is this:the growing majority don't just see it as a phone, they see it as a mobile computing device.  and if given the choice, most would prefer to carry around one mobile device, not two (or three)... and it is there that a larger iPhone would be valuable. I can see a 4.7" iPhone on the very near horizon.  5.5" later.
I must disagree...or at least let's clarify.History has shown that google is not primarily interested in innovation and development of the next big thing, instead, they are interested in disruption of the next big thing...for the sake of ad/search. That's why they have flung whatever technologies against the wall just to see what sticks. What do you think Android was for?.. it was for ad/search. Same for Motorola. Time will tell re: Nest/Glasses/drones. google is scared...
I don't disagree that analysts look at facts but for every analyst that recommends a "buy" there are as many that recommend a sell/hold. That tells me that one analyst happens to be right and one happens to be wrong. Maybe that's why the average engineer makes more than the average analyst? Or are you advising us to just listen to the analysts who earn millions and to ignore the others?Or should we just listen to the analysts that are right all the time? /s Hmmm...I don't...
 TS, is that you?
This will be interesting to see play out over the next few years....and I'm guessing that Samsung and the "cheap" Chinese knock off smart phone companies could not care less about Goog.
Point taken. It just baffles me that some are so concerned/angry about the cost but don't do simple math by looking at the total cost of ownership. I'm of the opinion that anyone who wants to post a price comparison should be REQUIRED to include the market's resale value of each device... it's as important as the device's features, convenience, and platform because along with resale value, it all adds up to the WORTH of the device.
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