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Too bad I'm not a mouse.
You guys are being silly. Social and economic pressure to hold one's tongue are a part of every community. It's called a functioning society. 
  I don't know what his contract states. Presumable they have to pay it out. Many states are employment at will. You can be fired for any or no reason at all. Save for those specified in federal law.  So many employers don't need grounds to fire someone.
He's free to say what he wants and the show is free not to employ him. Freedom for all!
He's actually not that "eloquent". 
 So the Heritage Foundation "put together ObamaCare" now?  Like I posted before if ObamaCare were only and individual mandate you might have half a point. But it's much more than that. From increasing the MediCare - MediCaid roles (it's free because the feds are paying for it (for now)); huge taxes on makers of life saving devices, "cadillac" health care plans; regulation of plan benefits that's causing people to be dropped; incentives for employers to drop coverage and...
No no. It was the hatred and violence stirred by the right wing at the time which is reminiscent of the Tea Party anarco-racists today.
NYT tries to spin it but the comments from ulta-libral NYT readers puts truth to the lie   http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/01/business/when-insurers-drop-policies-three-stories.html?_r=0
Open Enrollment is coming. I should stock up on Crisco and limber up to grab my ankles. THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!
trumpy's had some IPAs so lay off. Oh wait that's me.     When my kids fall and hurt themselves my wife and I say, "Oh did you hurt yourself? How did you do that?" not "Did you get hurt? What happened?" like it's some random happening. Or when they are like, "I don't like that game they are playing!" We're like all, "Well change it or don't play." #youhavecontroloverwhatyoudo   I think the conversation at home is important. I'd love to be a fly on the wall... There's...
New Posts  All Forums: