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I would love to know the truth behind Clinton's concussion. Plane crash sounds more plausible than "fell at home".
Of course education should be cut. For all the money dumped into education since WW2 there has been no gain in student performance. Let's cut back to WW2 levels. 
Well when it doesn't work the problem will be because taxes weren't high enough.
  I never bought the whole, "Dehydrated and fell" story.
It's interesting that this understanding didn't come forward sooner. No on has suggested eliminating the COLA. Just adjusting the formulae so that it more closely reflects COL. It's something Obama even suggested. 
The market for used AR-15 is sky high. I know of one person that sold his because the money was too good to pass up.
  Please marvfox, display some understanding of what COLA is and how it impacts your payments. 
Hilarious comments. My friends post the stats about the dangers of gun ownership on facebook. If I wanted to troll them I'd ask what are the stats for a gun owner that double locks their firearms up and locks the ammo' up separately?
It's also hard to debate people that are completely ignorant about the topic they started let alone screaming.
Cars are not written into the bill of rights.
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