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Can we get back to marvfox's hilarious misconceptions about what "COLA" is?
I'll try to give up here ...
MAYBE THIS WILL HELP     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cost_of_living#Cost-of-living_Adjustment_.28COLA.29
  Great idea. That way each parent can choose for themselves what's the best option for their own kid. Paranoid skittish parents can send their kids to the SuperMax school.
Terrible proposal. You'll end up with some thug of a school guard that thinks it's their job to smack down every "punk" in the school and he has the pistol to prove it. Keep the badge bullies out of the schools.
Once again I'll remind people that the police have no duty to act. Quiet literally a woman can call and report that her estranged husband kidnapped the children and the kids are at risk of being killed and the police can quiet literally say, "Come in and file a report. We open Monday at 8am".   Oh and that's not theoretical. It actually happened.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_Rock_v._Gonzales
This thread is funny.
Your question doesn't make sense because no one has proposed that.
About carrying in schools. As someone that has a CPL I think all CPL holders should be required to carry nonlethal force if they are carrying lethal force. Also my CPL class was a bit of a joke. There should be training on par with the police force before someone can carry in a school.
Please define "assault weapon".
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