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The media sensationalism eggs these psychos on. Social media and 24 hour news cycle guarantees fame.
Yea they can bugger off because the daily mail knows two things about firearms. 1) Jack 2) Shit
Why Bans on So-Called “Assault Weapons” Are Unlikely to Diminish the Deaths Caused by Mass Shootings This has some good information for people that don't know a lot about firearms and "assault weapons".
 Oh god people are still pushing the "stimulus"? DC has a spending and borrowing problem and we're told more spending, borrowing and taxing is the solution. FML.
  I have a friend of mine that I call a "one of everything" gun owner. It's just his hobby. My wife has a huge stockpile of food. It's because she goes to Costco too much. Does it really matter if my friend has a hunting rifle with a 10 round mag' or a AR-15 with a 10 round mag'? People make hay about "assault rifles" but really these rifles just have a gas powered mech' to reload. Hunting rifles use a more traditional system. (Although many hunters are turning to gas...
  Wouldn't recent events prove that to be false? A woman out jogging is supposed to call 911 and relax and enjoy her rape waiting for the police to show up? Or maybe right after a hurricane when police response is nil we should all surrender to the looters? Not to mention the fact that the police don't even have to to respond to 911 calls or any other emergency. They have no duty to respond to reports of crime. Go look it up.
    Really? What magic happens when we have those rather than keyed locks? I assume these would be government mandated? 
I'm glad you advocate for proper firearm training. That's why I bought my 8 year old his 22 rifle so he can go to the range with me. 
I love reading about the solutions to gun safety from people that have never even seen a gun in their life.
I'm going to avoid coverage of this one. Friends of facebook are calling for SuperMax style schools.
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